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Lise wrote:
 In that case, is there any other way to control a man's thought other than to castrate him so he won't have to think via his Little General? You could gain 50-60 lbs, that should do it, but then you risk having your man controlled by someone else.

  Another one, why is it that when a woman says something IMPORTANT, the guy tunes off automatically? As soon as woman says something important, we'll all know the answer to that. (I keed, I keed)

  Is the Raver a stud in the bedroom? Only purelife knows for sure  
I got one too, except mine is legit because its from China.  Ever notice these guys only deal in round figures?  Nobody ever needs to move $185,265,214.83

  Good day,

I am Mr. Chen Guangyuan, Director of operations of the Bank of China. I have a
Business Proposal of US$17,300,000.00 for you to handle with me from my bank.
Should you be interested please send me your full names, private phone/fax and
Current residential address and finally after that I shall provide you with
More details of this operation. I want you to contact me as soon as possible
to Get The Full details And the Nature of the Business.

Note that all is well planned, as we shall do this inline with banking laws
and Regulation. All I need from you is your willingness, trustworthiness and
Commitment. Please email me immediately on my private
emailaddress:[A href="[email protected]&msg=E6CCAE0C-538E-44C3-847E-25D032254BD8&start=0&len=2511&src=&type=x"][email protected][/A] so we can commence all
arrangements and I would Give your more information on how we would handle
this project.

Mr. Chen Guangyuan.
Lise wrote:
 Are you fracken kidding me? Why is it that men suddenly think it's OK to have sex around the 3r or 4th date?? Or simply because it is VD that it's fine to do the deed? VD is nothing more corporate attempt to squeeze you emotionally and financially!

  I would talk to your date and see where she stands first. If you both are 'connected' and ready, VD shouldn't be the day you become intimate. Remember, if your relationship doesn't work down the road, you're going to hate VD for the rest of your life.

 LOL no offense Lise but the fastest way to guarantee no action is to ask her if she wants to have sex.  

  Unless you are some kind of super stud-muffin, the answer will be no, followed by akwardness.

  You have to get her all hot and bothered and unable to resist your charms.  
Lise wrote:
 Why do men think with their Little General all the time?[/DIV]
Thats pretty easy to answer.  Its all physics really.  Its a well established fact that blood contains iron.  Iron is attracted to magnetic fields.  Women who where tighter fitting clothes in general, (i.e. nylons, lulus, etc) produce static electricity thus creating a sort of biological electron magnet.  When enough blood collects in the penis, the brain is powerless to resist the magnetic attraction.  If women wore less tight fitting clothes, reason and logic would rule over men instead of impulse.
Lets scam these guys!  All you have to do is send me $3000 cash and I'll put my plan into action, but trust me, we'll get rich!
steve q poul wrote:
    help! i need some advice.
i started dating this girl last night. It started out as meeting for coffee and by the time our date was over we were kissing goodbye at her place. here is where i need some advice
i know there is the unwritten rule that you should at least wait until the third date until you start sleeping together. but today is valentines day and we both felt a connection last night. im wondering since its valentines day if we should push it ahead one day and sleep together or should we just consider tonights date just a normal day?
 That third date crap is BS.  If you both feel it, then do it. If you really must wait for the third date, take her for lunch today and then dinner.  Thats technically 3 dates.

 Whatever you end up doing, offer her a massage when you're back at your/her place.  If that doesn't lead to you getting laid, you weren't going to anyway.

CK wrote:

 Where did the handle "Raver" come from?

Was it due to a time in your life (late 90s - early 00s) of underground club freedom dancing on ecstasy?


  I'm a raving lunatic, but I started it in response to a poster named Ranter on DV.

 Also, drugs are bad, mmkay


 weird al wrote:

 How come, although the moon is only one-ninth the size of the earth, it is so much farther away?[/DIV]

Why all the sudden interest in the moon?  Are you a werewolf?  The moon is fake anyway, haven't you heard about how the CIA faked the moon landing?  Why would they fake it if they could just really send astronauts there in the UFO they captured at Roswell?  Duh!


  P.C. wrote:
 .....and while you're at it....

  How long is a piece of string?


The answer to this is long and complex and can't easily be answered within the confines of this forum.  To simplify, I'll try to break it down into laymans terms. It ranges from very short to you're a smart ass.


 Russ wrote:

 Where can I get a piece of shoreline?  - Duh, the shore.  Its in the name

  Where do I go to get a long stand? - The ride lines at Disneyland

      Oh, and 'goats' - Goats is not a question but thanks for playing.  Now please put your hockey helmet back on and stop eating your crayons.

[/DIV]kingy wrote:
 did raver get overloaded?

  Some of you nearly broke my brain with some of these questions. I actually had to return to real life for a few hours to take a break.
purelife wrote:
Anything else blushin' and flushin'? ;)  If ya know what I mean... ;)  
 Hey ladies, anyone interested in making a skeletal menage a trois for future generations to dig up?

 Giggidy Giggidy


purelife wrote:
Why are men (and some women) not like to say the "I love you" phrase?  
Because after using it a few times to get laid, you realize its more trouble than its worth.
Lise wrote:
 Does Raver like to smell purple? *snicker snicker*

 I suspect theres a joke in here I'm missing.  So after careful consideration, the answer is 11.  
purelife wrote:
Describe how you look in a suit and what kind of cologne you wear.  
I don't wear clothes and I smell like a monkey.  Some women like my animal scent
Lise wrote:
 Is a vibrator God's gift to women?[/DIV]
Sort of.  Its actually a cheap knock off of my actual body parts.  However, mine vibrates due to advanced stages of epilepsy.  
purelife wrote:
So Raver, do you like to be on top or on the bottom?  ;)  


 I'd be on the bottom because I could never get over you ;)
jeez girls!  You're making me blush!
Inspired by Lise, I've decided to open a thread dedicated to answering all your questions about life.  

  Wednesday Feb 14 is my last day in cubicle hell. (or fattening pen as I call it) so I won't be around here as much for awhile.  I'll answer everything posted for at least 24 hours, maybe more if the thread is entertaining.

  No topic is out of bounds, and every question gets an answer.  Ask away