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some Spanish (Restaraunt Spanish with an expanded vocabulary)
French at a first-year high school level if I really try.

I really love languages but suck at sticking to 'em long enough to really learn. I have CD/books on Hindi and Mandarin that I'm gonna tackle one of these days I'm sure.
I am enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa...  
I am going through old DS posts to see what I've missed.  
Yee-haw! I have an embarrassing amount of country music on my 'pod. Although I agree that most radio-country would have me following y'all off that thur big ol' buildin' (I'll be the one with the ice picks in my ears). Having said that I recommend the following to all music fans:
    Hank Williams III - awesome country flavored tunes that make me wanna get drunk (and I don't even drink). Straight to Hell is a great album, particularly "Country Heroes"
    Merle Haggard - (don't laugh) his newer stuff is some tremendous songwriting. You can hear he is free from the shackles of radio demands. If I Could Only Fly is an album that any fan of singer-songwriter type music should have.
    Dixie Chicks - Mostly a political choice here, but the song "Lullaby" off their newest album is very nice.
    Various Gems - there are a lot of great songs hidden in any genre. "Flowers on the Wall" by the Statler Bros., "Portland. Oregon" by Loretta Lynn and Jack White, "Me Neither" by Brad Paisley, "Smoke Rings in the Dark" by Gary Allan (I would so love to hear an alterna-cool cover of this by someone like Sebadoh), and finally "My Mind's got a Mind of it's Own" by Jimmie Dale Gilmore.
Great thread! Too bad I caught up to it late.
I work in the kitchen so the whole tipping custom also stikes me as a bit weird and unfair. "Why just the servers?" is my big question. When a server walks out the door with (mostly tax free) cash that is two or three times what the chef makes in a night how is that fair? Cooks are under every bit of intense pressure that servers are, and work just as hard to get the food out hot, quick and well-presented. Cooks also have more schooling and training to get where they are. This is not to dog on servers because I know that is a tough job as well, I'm just saying everyone in a restaraunt works hard and deserves a bigger share of the largesse.

I used to work at a counter service pizza place. It was understandable to me when someone didn't feel the need to tip (unless they had us running around a lot), but those that did tip well always got the nicest slice of pizza.

It is curious though, how it evolved into this customary thing. But I don't mind it, since it's been good to me over the years.
Got Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men for X-Mas. We are a house of Firefly freaks so we had to get it. Fantastic writer.
Speaking of comics, purelife is that Kabuki in your avatar? David Mack is one of my favorite artists.
Lock those a-holes in a room and make them go through the same thing until one of them dies, that would be the only way to justice. I volunteer to taunt them.  
Portland is so full of idiots in the snow and ice, you'd think they'd never encountered slick conditions before. Funny for a city with a lot of rain.
I drive my kid to school through that intersection. It is a lot steeper than it looks on TV. That second-to-last car came to rest around the light rail tracks - fool could've been clobbered by a train! That's what I don't get, all these idiots were one block away from the one transportation option that kept going without a hitch all day! But maybe since were talking about the rich side of town, they don't want to ride with all the common riff-raff.
I like very much. Looks like a great popcorn-munching summer action flick.
I was a bit too old for Transformers when they came out, so I don't quite have the retro attachment feeling for it. But I do loves me some good sci-fi.
Here's what passes for a snow day in Oregon (Canadians, I can hear your snickers from here). Just found out school is closed. I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for my boss to call and tell me not to come in (he'll close at the first sign of a stiff breeze) pleaseohpleaseohplease...
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The person below me has a lot of work to do.
Discover Seattle! / Re: Memories
Jan 08 07 09:00
Thanks for sharing that Teh. I trip out on that kinda thing all the time. My grandfather-in-law is 101 years old. His first job was as a telegraph operator and he worked for the phone company the rest of his life. How cool to watch something grow from something as primitive (to us) as a telegraph, into this cell phone I just got from the supermarket for 20 bucks. And to think our kids are growing up with cell phones, iPods, 'net, etc as commonplace, I mean how can you top all that?

False, I'm both too uncoordinated, and too poor for mountain sports.

(as an aside I was shopping for a jacket shell with my xmas money thinking it's time to get one them fresh looking North Face or Mt Hard Wear jackets that everyone but me seems to have - but they were $200 to $400!!! Who on earth can afford 400 clicks for a jacket? (made in China no less) Made me wish I was one those trust-fund kids)

The person below me has a cup of coffee in hand.
Cierto somedays, falso others. I have a decent handle on Spanish, I just need to study more and become actually proficient in it.

The person below me can quote "The Big Lebowski"
Ahh, too true. Never enough time or money to do it thye way I wanna, though.

The person below me is in their pajamas.