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Hi again all!

I know you've all heard it to death by now but... all Yanks need to make sure to cast a ballot today!!!!

The republican nasties will be out in force rigging vote machines, challenging voters, etc. We need to simply overwhelm them with numbers!

And If you're not doing anything else get out and volunteer. I'm volunteering for Obama today and, frankly, I'm scared stupid 'cuz I hate to actually talk to people. But it must be done!
This is completely nuts. You couldn't pay me enough to be the first guy in that line. Or the guy grabbing it's tail.
[a href=""][/a]
New Line Cinemas in their infinite wisdom has decided to go ahead on "The Hobbit" without Peter Jackson?!?!?!? Foolish mortals! M'man Igor puts it best:

It's a miracle. An image of Jesus has appeared to warn us of the end. *snicker*
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I used to love this thread on DV. Let's do it again here. I'll start.
[img style="width: 611px; height: 391px;" src=""]
My baby...

I'm in a bit of a quandry and thought I'd solicit opinions from you all.
I had some stoopid idiot nearly killed me yesterday changing into my lane and didn't see me (do your head checks folks!). And that's the second time this month that's happened. Now I'm starting to get worried, since one is practically invisible on a motorcycle I figure it's just a matter of time until someone finally makes contact with me. Plus I've never been in any kind of traffic accident in more than 20 years of driving, so that either means I'm lucky, a safe rider/driver, or I'm due for one.
So I'm tripping out here. I loooove my scooter but I also have a family to look after, and I like breathing. It's also not helped by a recent newspaper article detailing the death of a motorcycle safety instructor from an accident that would've been merely a fender-bender in a car. The article went on to dish out those statististcs that you're more likely to die in a motorcycle accident, etc.
But man, I really love my scooter. What do y'all think?
My wife (an obsessed math geek) is curious to know.  
The most godawful thing you've seen in a while...
[a href=""][/a]
A live action Transformers movie! This could be cool.
The trailer is the very definition of a "teaser" though.
[a href=""][/a]
And now we have compelling proof....
[a href=""][/a]
The scary thing is, I've been caught in debates with people who use this kind of logic.
Good for a laugh!
If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?  
Discover Seattle! / Bush sings U2
Jul 04 06 12:03
Here is teh funny link,
[a href=""][/a]
Good for a laugh if you can stand to look at bushes' mug for 3 or 4 minutes.

What was the first record/cassette/CD you went out and bought with your own money like a big kid?
What was your first concert (you know, real concert)?
Any funny stories atttached? Still like the band?
I'm gobsmacked that a genius show like Trailer Park Boys cannot be found on any cable channel in the US, when it is so popular in Canada. I think the humor must be too sophisticated for Americans, they don't like to have to think when they laugh (or look too closely in the mirror).
Isn't that funny that a comedy show about a trailer park goes over the heads of Americans?
At least there's YouTube to feed my jones until my DVD's arrive. Here's one of my favorite bits.
[a href=""][/a]
Any other fans oot there?
I just got back from five great days in my favorite city and I already miss it. What a cool city! There is always something going on, a beautiful cityscape with a lot of interesting architecture, gorgeous landscape, I could go on and on.
Things I liked:
-Vancouver Aquarium
-Chinese Gardens
-being someplace where the World Cup is a big deal
-New Amsterdam Cafe
-beautiful women everywhere
-hearing many different languages spoken by passers-by
-all those cool sculptures along the waterfront

Things I could do without in Vancouver:
-tweakers, meth and crack heads, and sketchy characters
-a**hole drivers
-expensive expensive expensive (except teh herb)
-Stephen Harper's rising popularity in Canada
I mean, it seems pretty obvious to me. Just listen to the first track, "Violet". It's a brilliant brilliant piece of songwriting and sounds exactly like a Nirvana song!
Now consider Hole's career before and after that album. Completely forgettable. Let's see...they did get on the radio...with a cover song. You don't just become a great songwriter for one album and then forget how. Courtney Hole did not write that album.
At the very least, Kurt was working with her on all the songs and should get writing credit.
I know this is a subject for DiscoverVancouver but I'm not in the mood to be flamed, handle jacked, etc.
Me and the wife are going to be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary with a trip to Vancouver in June and I would like any recommendations for cheap fun and eats.
Specifically, any good vegetarian/vegan restaurants? (a gall-bladder issue means no fat and not too spicy)
Also, any cool little spots that should be seen off the beaten path? Events of note? Funky shops and stores? Is the New Amsterdam still running and operating as usual?

Just got the new Streets album. It always takes a few listens to get into the groove of his album but it slowly dawns that this man's a genius.
Any other fans out there?
And who's he talking about in "When you wasn't famous?"
Oregon has a draconian busy-body bureaucracy called the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Comission). That doesn't seem to do anything but waste your time and take your money. For example all alcohol servers have to take a five hour class every few years on how to recognize a drunk person and how much trouble you'll get into if you serve them, etc.
Anyway their director just got popped for drunk driving. Her BAC was twice the legal limit, although she claims she only had two glasses of wine over five hours.
Altogether now (in your best Nelson voice), "Ha Ha"
Here's a place to trade all you favorite Simpsons lines. Identify it if you want or let others do it. Fun for the whole DS family.
"Huh huh. Some ice cream gettin' dude is gonna see this and it's gonna blow his mind!"
[A href=""][/A]

Check out this video and witness how damn cool octopuses are. Prepare to be tripped out.
Mine was (I thought) a TRS-80. I tried looking it up on the net but couldn't find a picture to post of it. It was a miniature version that plugged into the TV. Does anybody remember those? Maybe it was a 60 or something.[/DIV]My entire programming experience consisted of:[/DIV]1. print "f*ck you"[/DIV]2. goto 1[/DIV]giggle myself stupid

extra credit: How many times more powerful is your current computer?
Discover Seattle! / Formula One
Mar 07 06 09:50
Formula One starts up in less than a week! Who will win in Bahrain? Who will be this years World Champion? Will Toyota, Honda, Red Bull or BMW win a Gran Prix this year? Is Jacques Villenueve a tugger?
Discover Seattle! / Best Job Ever?
Feb 12 06 01:47
What was the best job you ever had?(or still have)

Mine was working a burritto stand for the 1994 Lollapalooza tour. Travelled the country, partied with some rock stars (L7, Breeders), met my (then) idol Nick Cave, got to hang out in NYC, New Orleans, SanFrancisco, and tons of other cool places. Once in a lifetime experience that was.
This board needs a books thread. I'm currently reading (when I'm not staring at the internet) Salt by Mark Kurlansky. It's a fascinating history of something one never gives much thought to.[/DIV]Recent works that also spring to mind - Firelord by Parke Godwin. It is a work of historical fiction taking on the King Arthur mythos. Very well researched and well written, it gives you a good idea of what Northern Europe was like at the time and makes King Arthur seem very real indeed.[/DIV]Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula le Guin. Great sci-fi. It's about a planet inhabited by humans who are both sexes. It is strange and good.And finally on the graphic novel front, anyone with any interest in sci-fi needs to check out Planetary by Warren Ellis and John Cassady. Each episode riffs on a different classic sci-fi theme-mothra type creatures, Doc Savage, giant bugs, etc. Ellis has a great knack for making sci-fi concepts seem real through convincing science-guy talk.
Who will have the most posts? The highest karma rating? Will you even dare to look at how much time you've spent logged in?[/DIV]Those stats are hilarious fun. One of the many things that rawk about this site!
The karma function got turned on yesterday. It 's fun, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to hand out props when you like someones post.[/DIV]And so far eveyone still has all positive vibes.
The Pacific NW has it's own flavor and lifestyle found nowhere else in North America. I've been all over the US and I would always come back to live around here. Seattle, Portland, Vancouver BC, and San Francisco (I know that's stretching it a bit for Pacific NW) all seem like variations on a theme and all have great things about them.[/DIV]Without starting a geographic flame war, which city is your favorite and why? If price was no object where would you most want to live? What spots should west coast travellers check out in your city?If I had my druthers I'd be living in a spiffed out flat right in downtown Vancouver. Although Portland is a great (and still affordable) for a lot of the same reasons I like Vancouver-lots of natural beauty and close proximity to nature, progressive, laid back.
Discover Seattle! / Avatars?
Feb 04 06 02:39
Forgive my lack of net savvy but I couldn't find a spot for avatars on the new reg spot. I'm very proud of myself for figuring out how to do it and want to show it off (to myself). [/DIV]Will this new board be permanent or will we need to re-register when it's up and running?