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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An American Airlines pilot was arrested inBritain on Saturday on suspicion of being drunk before a scheduledflight to Chicago, the airline said.[/p]A statement by the world'sNo. 1 airline said the crew member was a relief pilot on the Boeing767-300 with 198 passengers, meaning he was a backup to the captain andfirst officer. The crew member was not identified.[/p]He wasarrested on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol afterreporting for duty at Manchester airport, the carrier said. A courtappearance was scheduled for Monday.[/p]American said in a statement it was investigating and would not provide additional details.[/p]"Ourprimary concern is for the safety and comfort of our passengers andcrews," the airline said. "American Airlines has strict policies onalcohol and substance abuse and holds its employees to the higheststandards."[/p]Flight 55 was due to arrive in Chicago shortly after4 p.m. local time, three hours late. The plane was scheduled to stop inNew York to supplement the crew.[/p]