Michael Jackson tops "Most Foolish Poll" beating Cheney, Hilton, Bush and Cruise

Started by Sportsdude, Apr 14 06 05:36

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 [DIV class=headline]Jackson tops 'most foolish' poll [/DIV]A survey has named singer Michael Jackson as the "most foolish person" in the US for the fourth successive year. Of 1,000 people polled, 69% said Jackson had "done something foolish" in the past 12 months.  US Vice President Dick Cheney, who shot a man while hunting, tied for second place with socialite Paris Hilton.  President George W Bush came next, followed by actor Tom Cruise, in the random phone survey by New York-based public relations consultants.  [DIV class=bo] Wearing women's clothes So far in 2006, Jackson has been spotted shopping in Bahrain wearing traditional women's attire, and has closed down the house on his Neverland ranch to try to save money.  Last June, he was cleared of 10 child abuse charges at the end of a four-month trial.  "Michael Jackson seems to have a lock on the number one spot for the foreseeable future," said the poll's organiser Jeff Barge.  "If Mr Cheney's actions weren't enough to oust him, it's hard to imagine what could," he added, referring to the accident in February in which an elderly quail hunter was shot in the face and neck by the vice president.  The survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and released to mark the traditional April Fool's Day, which takes place every 1 April.

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Published: 2006/04/01 14:15:16 GMT


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[DIV class=footer] [img height=152 alt="Michael Jackson" hspace=0 src="http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41511000/jpg/_41511166_jackson2_reuters203b.jpg" width=203 border=0]  [DIV class=cap]Jackson was pictured shopping while dressed in traditional women's attire

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"We can't stop here. This is bat country."


[FONT color=#0000bf]Are you 100% certain that this IS Michael Jackson?[/FONT]
A fool's paradise is better than none.


What the picture? Yes its wacko jacko. He was in Bahrain mall and was wearing womens grab and walked into the womens bathroom.  No joke.
"We can't stop here. This is bat country."