AT&T built warrantless wiretap rooms for the NSA

Started by TehBorken, Apr 13 06 07:21

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 [h3]AT&T built warrantless wiretap rooms for the NSA         [/h3] AT&T has asked a court to suppress documents leaked to the Electronic Frontier Foundation by an ex-employee detailing how the company indiscriminately diverted domestic and international traffic to the National Security Agency for warrantless wiretapping: [blockquote]AT&T built a secret room in its San Francisco switching station that funnels internet traffic data from AT&T Worldnet dialup customers and traffic from AT&T's massive internet backbone to the NSA, according to a statement from Klein. Klein's duties included connecting new fiber-optic circuits to that room, which housed data-mining equipment built by a company called Narus, according to his statement. [/p]Narus' promotional materials boast that its equipment can scan billions of bits of internet traffic per second, including analyzing the contents of e-mails and e-mail attachments and even allowing playback of internet phone calls. [/p][/blockquote]  [a href=",70650-0.html?tw=rss.index"]Story Link[/a]  
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