Another good reason to run FireFox

Started by Mike, Feb 10 06 04:31

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[h1]Spyware Barely Touches Firefox
[/h1]According to two University of Washington Professors, Firefox users have a safer browsing experice than users of IE. These researchers sent their crawlers to 45,000 websites and studied the impact on Firefox and IE.

From the article: "Levy and Gribble, along with graduate students Alexander Moshchuk and Tanya Bragin, set up IE in two configurations -- one where it behaved as if the user had given permission for all downloads, the other as if the user refused all download permission -- to track the number of successful spyware installations.

During Levy's and Gribble's most recent crawl of October 2005, 1.6 percent of the domains infected the first IE configuration, the one mimicking a nave user blithely clicking 'Yes;' about a third as many domains (0.6 percent) did drive-by downloads by planting spyware even when the user rejected the installations.

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Get FireFox...or get 0wned.