The Battle for My Land Continues

Started by Chief Wakanakan, Nov 25 15 12:01

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Chief Wakanakan

Greetings, as we 'celebrate' yet another depressing year of Thanksgiving, as known as the slaughter of my people by the white man. My people, we taught you how to live off the land and how did you repay us? You took our land, our lives, our children. Anything that you could get your greedy white hands on, you took. It was never yours to take. I ask that everyone think about this as you spend the day with your family. I ask that if you have any bit of dignity left in you, that you will help me and my people reclaim what was so wrongfully taken from us. Please contact your local representatives and let them know that the land of the Swayson Tribe belongs to them and no one else.

Chief WakanakanSwayson Tribe
Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe