8 Million Mummified Dogs

Started by TehBorken, Jun 20 15 09:26

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Researchers Uncover an Ancient Mass Grave of 8 Million Mummified Dogs in Ancient Egypt

The dog catacomb in North Saqqara was first discovered in the 19th century. However, the huge extent of animal body count in this region was unearthed recently by a team of archeologists from the University of Cardiff.

According to lead researcher Paul Nicholson, the temple and the catacombs found in North Saqqara served as the burial ground, decked out with mummies of mongooses, jackals, hawks, cats, baboons, foxes, bulls, falcon, and millions of dogs.

Some of these animals lived in the main temple complex, but the majority was bred, probably, to serve the purpose of mummification. Nicholson suggests many puppies would have been kept in the tomb from birth. They were not strangled but died due to starvation or dehydration.

Full story: http://www.biztekmojo.com/00818/researchers-uncover-ancient-mass-grave-8-million-mummified-dogs-ancient-egypt (http://www.biztekmojo.com/00818/researchers-uncover-ancient-mass-grave-8-million-mummified-dogs-ancient-egypt)
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