Stay Classy, Mississippi

Started by TehBorken, Apr 16 15 10:04

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Gotta love Mississippi- it's 2015 and they still think it's 1915. This poll is from 2011, but I've no doubt a similar poll taken today would yield similar results: 

"We asked voters on this poll whether they think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal- 46% of Mississippi Republicans said it should be illegal to just 40% who think it should be legal. 

For the most part there aren't any huge divides in how voters view the candidates or who they support for the nomination based on their attitudes about interracial marriage but there are a few exceptions."

That's right in 2011,  46% of Mississippi Republicans said interracial marriage should be illegal.

The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music.


Whew! They're really advanced, aren't they?
A fool's paradise is better than none.