Wow, a 1950's kitchen found untouched

Started by TehBorken, Feb 20 15 10:08

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Too cool- A home was built in the 1950s, complete with appliances and furniture, but the owners never moved in. It's been sitting untouched all this time, like a time capsule waiting to be discovered. An amazing find.

"These vintage GE appliances are original to my house circa 1956. The house was never occupied and appliances were never used. The manuals were still taped to the appliances. I purchased the home in 2010 and I am selling: side-by-side wall refrigerator, wall oven, cooktop, double bowl washboard sink, and dishwasher."

Full set of images:

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It's not at all bad considering the age; mind you, mine was never like that...and we didn't have hot running water in those days.
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