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A fool's paradise is better than none.

Big Time Stud

I've always believed the Universe to have existed "forever."

Only the average man has an issue with processing things like 'forever' and 'infinity.'  I am an above average man.

Eventually the whole she-bang will collapse into itself once again, and thus it will be recreated once again.

I do disagree with the fact that the "space" utilized is finite, and is determined solely by the fact of matter existing in it...  I have never bought into that theory, and never will.  The "usable" space stretches out to infinity, IMHO, and I don't believe it corresponds to the fact that matter must be present...  This is one thing I disagree upon, and as such I'm not sure "time travel" will ever be a possibility, since that theory isn't one that I believe to be possible, due to my own beliefs of time and space.