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Started by Natasha, Jun 26 14 02:43

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You see a woman pulling out a food stamp card from her Gucci bag.

My friends POV:
The woman doesn't need government assistance and therefore is somehow screwing the government.

Perhaps the bag is knock off or was a gift.


The problem at times is ASSuming.

Every person has a different set of circumstances.
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I think your POV is probably correct. Most people on food stamps aren't spending thousands on designer handbags.
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Lil Me

Hey, people on welfare, conservatives would like you to know the rules. So here they are

   If / when you lose your job, be sure to sell all your nice electronics and luxury goods immediately and make sure you are always dressed well in public (but not too well, because then you are clearly not in need of any financial assistance and will be judged for not immediately selling all your nice clothing, too).

   If you're on welfare, cover up your tattoos, or people will snark that you are spending your welfare money on body art, even if you have had those tattoos for years, or you have a friend who is a tattoo artist who did them for free.

   Are your shoes nice? Better not wear them in public, especially while at the grocery store paying for food with food stamps, because you MUST have somehow magically converted those food stamps into enough expendable income to buy those shoes. Never mind that they were a gift, or you bought them years ago, or that they actually have huge holes in the soles and tattered insoles because you can't afford to replace them.

   As a bonus, be sure not to have a job with flexible hours or work from home or work as a stay-at-home parent, because judgmental people will be on your ass and assume you are on welfare based on limited or non-existent evidence (even if you are not) and whine bitterly about having to contribute to social safety nets for the needy. That is right: You don't even have to be on welfare at all, you can simply be out in public with your kid(s) during normal business hours and have total strangers assume you are on government assistance if you don't look prosperous. Isn't that cute?

   Source: (
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Thanks for this link, Lil Me. I've sent it all over the world.
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I LOL'd at "whine bitterly" on the post Lil Me shared. I honestly feel like that describes my friend in regards to this subject (at least).  She covers that bitterness with a more high and mighty attitude though. You know the type...
"I may not own a Gucci but at least I WORK for what I have".