Surveillance of your email is doubleplusgood!

Started by 1984, Feb 10 06 07:37

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CNet reports that some surveillance of your email has been permitted by U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan in Washington, D.C., without first requiring any evidence of wrongdoing. Curiously: 'instead of asking to eavesdrop on the contents of the e-mail messages, which would require some evidence of wrongdoing, prosecutors [of the US Justice Dept.] instead requested the identities of the correspondents. Also included in the request was header information like date and time and Internet address--but not subject lines.'

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Future Canadian

The Bush junta seems to have absolutely no shame whatsoever.[/DIV]If this were Al Gore, John Kerry, or Hillary Clinton doing this we would never hear the end of it. I mean, weren't conservatives supposed to be anti-big government?We MUST elect a democratic congress so someone can at least start to put the brakes on and investigate. And OMG, if we elect another Republican for pres I will never stop throwing up.
...religion has made some contributions to civilization. It helped in the early days to fix the calendar, and it caused Egyptian priests to chronicle ecplipses with such care that in time they were able to predict them. These two services I am prepared to acknowledge, but I do not know of any others

Bush Hater

The Bush Crime Family has completely subverted the US Government.