Mexico City neighborhoods -- stunning and unreal

Started by Dood, Feb 08 06 07:31

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[h3]Helicopter shots of Mexico City neighborhoods -- stunning and unreal
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A former Mexico City helicopter pilot has posted a stunning gallery ofhis aerial photos of the city and environs. Most interesting are the houses, which range from dire slums to these incredible, cookie-cutter low-income houses that look like grids of  Monopoly houses. There's lots else to love in this gallery, besides. [a href=""]Link[/a]

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[FONT face="Arial Black" color=#ff0000 size=6]SIMPLY AMAZING![/FONT][/DIV][FONT face="Arial Black" color=#ff0000 size=6][/FONT] [/DIV][FONT face="Arial Black" color=#ff0000 size=6]10/10[/FONT] [FONT face="Arial Black"][/FONT]

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OMG it is real isn't it? I guess living in SimCity is better than a tin shack.
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Wow, talk about "cookie-cutter" houses...none of that dangerous "individuality" is on the loose down there.


Mexico City is the ultimate have and have not city. It has so many residents they don't know how many people live there. I have seen estimates from 12 million to 25 million.  Its very poor and very rich. Smog rules thou and flying over the city takes a half hour thats how big it is.
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