Vancouver Garbage Strike

Started by Lise, Jul 20 07 07:34

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Calgary man....I don't think for a minute that it's an easy job.....nor a particularly pleasant one.

It is certainly a necessary one, that's for sure.

  I read back to the beginning, and I don't think anyone was calling garbage collectors lazy.  There was a reference to unions sometimes protecting the lazy. [img style="CURSOR: pointer" onclick=url(this.src); src="" border=0]  
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Sorry correction 49er.. we use the arms for garbage. But for newspapers, plastics, glass bottles.. recyclables; they are collected by hand in trucks.  
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are guys get out and run.  
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i say nice! ppl are fed up with rising product prices and same old wages, cosmic shifts of 2007 underway, make it count, go agianst the bs in society.

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