Cool heart-buzz pillow-pulse thingy

Started by Dood, Feb 06 06 09:23

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[h3][span style="font-weight: normal;"]via boingboing[/span][/h3]
[h3]         My Beating Heart -- pillow that buzzes a heart-calming pulse        [/h3]        [img]" align="left" height="164" width="159"]My Beating Heart is a plush heart-shaped pillow that gently beats out aslow, steady heart-like rhythm. Creator Yury Gitman sent me one acouple weeks ago and I've been trying it out, turning it on and holdingit to my chest after stepping into the office. I'm usually in quite aflurry when I get to my desk first thing -- I walk for an hour everymorning but my phone goes bonkers while I'm out, and when I sit downand start my mail fetching and my backup running, I see how much crudhas come in. It can really fluster me, so I figured if there was anytime of my day when I could use some ambient relaxation, it was firstthing at work.It works -- it really works. The heart has two settings, slow andfast, and both of them calm me down in a way that's comparable tohaving a purring cat buzzing under your hand (but it's easier to put MyBeating Heart on a shelf for the weekend than it is leaving a catbehind.)[/p]At $120, I don't think I would have bought this for myself, but I dothink I'll keep on using it once in a while now that I have one.[a href=""]Link[/a]


too cool, i want one but at $120 it isn't going to happen :(