Psychos vandalize abortion clinc in New Brunswick

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Vandals graffiti Morgentaler abortion clinc



  Fredericton - Staff at the Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton were cleaning up Friday after vandals spray-painted anti-abortion messages on the clinic's walls.  

 Aside from profanity, the messages left in large, black letters included: abortion kills innocent people, and murder is murder.


 "This is our space and it has been violated,'' clinic manager Simone Leibovitch said as she tried to remove the graffiti.


 She said while the sidewalk in front of the downtown clinic has been spray-painted on a number of occasions, this is the first time the building has been vandalized.


 Last week, Fredericton police received hundreds of complaints after the anti-abortion group Show the Truth set up roadside displays showing graphic photos depicting what appeared to be aborted fetuses.


 Some motorists shouted obscenities while the group from Burnt River, Ont., attempted to hand out pamphlets during their demonstration.


 Leibovitch said she suspects the graffiti this week was a random act, and not directly connected to the Ontario group.


 "I don't think it was those people who did this,'' said Leibovitch. "I think it's people who have been very upset about what they've seen, about the graphic visualizations that have been on the streets of Fredericton for four separate days, and I think it's very unfortunate.''


 On Friday, Judy Burwell of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada was wearing rubber gloves and a face mask as she sprayed cleaners to remove the painted messages from the clinic walls.


 "People get riled-up, and a lot of people don't even know what they're reacting to,'' she said. "They're just reacting, and this is an easy target.''


 Police are investigating.


 Dr. Henry Morgentaler has operated a clinic in Fredericton since 1993.

"We can't stop here. This is bat country."


"We can't stop here. This is bat country."


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  This is not how to get attention to your cause. PERIOD. All you are doing is making people angry and putting people in positions where they are not comfortable. In by doing this you are creating more enemies then supporters. You are turning away people that would support your cause but you end up taking it to the extreme.  The fact is, is that abortion has always been around and the reason why the legalized it in the first place was to stop butcher shops from propping up in back alleys. Its called making it safe for individuals. Banning it does not stop it. Abortion would become the next illegal drugs. It would be underground and not safe. If you want to stop abortions go into clincs and help women. THATS THE WHOLE POINT ISN'T HELPING THEM?
Showing fetuses does not help it only hurts. If you truely were for women you'd want to help them, would be for single mother housing, extra health care, more social programs for dis advantaged girls and runaways. BUT you're not, clearly you are not because if you were you'd be pushing for this type of legislation.
"We can't stop here. This is bat country."


Oh and to clarify I'm personally against abortion but not publicly. My views are if I get a girl pregnant I've got to help her.

  If I was a politics I'd be pro-choice because the whole thing is a personal decision.  I'd push for legislation helping single teen mothers something that these "pro-lifers" continually discourage. They treat teen mothers as sluts and only care about the baby and not the whole picture. The whole picture is like my cousins kids. They grow up without a father and two crazy mothers. One who's dabbled in drugs and has no job and constanly goes through bad abusive men. And the other is non chalant and doesn't really care about her kid. She says she does but she got pregnant at 16, she went off the deep end thinking she missed out on life.

  Are you ever going to help my cousins Christian Coalition? No. Because you don't help the mothers. You're against the mothers. You don't know what its like to live like this. You need to get off your high horse and see the whole picture and not just one little thing. You're supposedly 'men of God' well I seem to remember being taught as a kid that Jesus walked with the leppers. Teenage moms are today's leppers. They are confused and need help and you refuse to help them. Seems un-Jesus like to me.    
"We can't stop here. This is bat country."