UK Basketball Fan FOR President!

Started by Bill, Feb 06 06 09:03

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There is a man out there who is determined to be our next President. He is a Republican out of KY and is ready to make a change. Would you vote for this man? I know I would, he already took down our rival DV and I know he can take down Iraq, and Iran. He is unstopable!

Please replie to this, do you want a Pres. like UK Basketball Fan?


Pssssst....Bill [/DIV]I'm not sure if you've checked recently, but DV isn't down.[/DIV]Having a president that thinks he's done something is equally as bad as one that doesn't do anything at all.I would have to say if this is his only list of 'accomplishments', then I would have to say a 'no vote' from me.Perhaps something more constructive would help bring those votes in.
Sir Isaac Newton invented the swinging door....for the convenience of his cat.


I would have to agree that UK Basketball Fan would make a great Pres. I think  he knows what he id doing. He did lead a assult on DV which I believe made a impact in many ways. His attack lead many people to come to this site. He made this site become popluar or so he says.[/DIV]I would not vote for him!


Aaaa, actually, there were a goodly number of DV'ers here long before UK......and I think if I remember correctly, I was among the first.. [/DIV]I came to DS to ask for help when I'd accidently been banned from DV (the thread is no longer there) but, Lise, tenkani, purelife, and a host of others came and 'rescued' me.  We liked it and we stayed. Presidents shouldn't take credit where credit isn't due.[A onclick="addImg('icon/icon_smile_big.gif')" href="jvascript:void(0)"][/A]
Sir Isaac Newton invented the swinging door....for the convenience of his cat.



DV >>>> DS

DV is stronger than EVER!!!


Best of all....No more Witch and Schadenfreude!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!