Bio diesel? WTF?

Started by tenkani, Feb 14 06 01:36

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Does anyone have personal experience using a bio-diesel vehicle? Pls share any info you have. Since the advantages of hybrid technology seem to have been exaggerated a bit, I started looking into other "Earth-friendly" options and bio-diesel seems to have a lot going for it. Still, if you don't have a local co-op, or local gas stations that carry the stuff what do you do?

Also, it seems that a lot of folks have been buying older diesel vehicles and re-fitting them for bio-diesel. Anyone done this? Thx.
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I have. Well, I didn't drive it but if you go to breckenridge they offer free shuttle buses that run around the clock and they run on bio-diesel. They don't smell as bad as regular diesel.  God I miss that place.  Love to see what whistler is all about too.
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