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Here's your chance to give the Starbucks Stores in your neighborhood some competition! Post as much information as you have regarding locally owned cafés according to zip code. If you know the cross streets but are not sure of the zip code you can use the US Postal Service web site site to find the correct zip code by entering the city and state.

Our database organizes this information by zip code, rendering zip codes necessary. Street addresses, although they are preferred, are not necessary--just list the cross streets if you don't remember the correct address. In the comments section, feel free to post information such as café hours, open mic. nights, local artist exhibits, book readings, wireless internet service availability, organic and/or vegetarian food options, dog-friendliness, your favorite drink, etc.

Don't waste your time spamming this form- we verify all information before it goes in the database. Your spam for watches, pills, mortgages, etc will never be seen. :)
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