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Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Feb 14 06 01:34 »
Today is sub-day.
[img style="width: 324px; height: 282px;" alt="" src=""]

Discover Seattle! / Re: Cheapest transport
« on: Feb 14 06 01:31 »
What is the cheapest way i can get to seattle from vancouver if i havent got a car?

I'd guess something like Greyhound would be fairly inexpensive.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Odd Request.....
« on: Feb 14 06 01:28 »
If you have a digital camera, you can make your own. Fun for the whole family!  lol

Your right.. they actually look more like an ass crack than an elbow

Uhhhhhhh, I never said that. Hmmm, someone has a dirty mind (which is ok by me).

.. or elbow cleavage...  I'll keep an eye open for ya..

"Elbow cleavage". Wow: I gotta do a search on that term.
[br style="background-color: rgb(0, 255, 255);"][font style="background-color: rgb(0, 255, 255);" size="3"]Google Search Results 1 - 10 of about 286 for "[a href="" title="Look up definition of elbow"]Elbow[/a] [a href="" title="Look up definition of cleavage"]cleavage[/a]".  (0.64 seconds) [/font]

Next year there will be over 100,000 results. Mark my words!

Seriously, though, I'd actually prefer 'amateur shots' over stock photos. (Boy, does that sound 'porno-like' or what??)  I only need about 8 or 10 images at most.

I searched like crazy on Google, but believe it or not the intarweb is lacking in free archives of elbow images. I know- I couldn't believe it myself.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Alright Henry
« on: Feb 14 06 01:17 »
Not exactly like Basic Instinct, but disturbingly similar.     I'm not sure I want to hear this story...!

Discover Seattle! / Odd Request.....
« on: Feb 14 06 01:08 »
Okay, you all have probably heard some strange requests, but this one may qualify as one of the odder ones...

What I need are pictures of.....elbows. Yes, elbows, with the arm bent. I can't say for what just yet, but it'll be fun. :) No, I do not have an elbow fetish, it's for a project. :)

See the sample pic below for an idea of what I need. I can't use elbows with hair unless it's easily airbrushed out. I'd prefer pictures of women's elbows similar to the one below.

The bigger the picture the better (it's easy to reduce them, more difficult to enlarge them). Finally, if at all possible, they need to be against a more-or-less featureless background (like in the samples below).

I know, this sounds...well I don't know what it sounds like, but rest assured it's not for anything nasty.  Please post 'em here or send them to me in a Private Message.

[span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 191);"]Thanks![/span]

Discover Seattle! / Re: Worst Mods Ever
« on: Feb 14 06 12:38 »
Sometimes, when we think deep down that we don't deserve to be happy wewill seek out people that hurt us because, in a twisted way, it feels"right" when we're being abused.

That's my life in 35 words or less.

Discover Seattle! / No sympathy for this guy
« on: Feb 14 06 10:47 »
[div id="article"][font style="font-family: Verdana;" size="2"]Sorry, but I say "kill him". Being "too drugged up" to know what you're doing isn't an excuse in this case. I don't give a shit if he was dosed to the eyeballs, this piece of crap should die. I'm not a big fan of the death penalty, but sometimes......
[/font][hr style="width: 100%; height: 2px;"]Florida girl's killer asks for mercy, lifeReuters
Tuesday, February 14, 2006; 12:39 PM
[/p][div id="article_body"]SARASOTA,Florida (Reuters) - A man convicted of murdering an 11-year-old Floridagirl whose abduction was captured by a surveillance camera asked ajudge on Tuesday to spare his life and said he was too drugged toremember details of the crime.[/p]Joseph Smith was convicted inNovember of raping and murdering Carlie Brucia. The jury recommendedSmith's execution by a 10-2 vote but the decision on whether he getsthe death penalty or life in prison is up to the trial judge, CircuitJudge Andrew Owens.[/p][table align="right" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="238"][tbody][tr][td width="10"]
[/td][td width="228"][script src=""][/script][script]var technorati = new Technorati() ;technorati.setProperty('url','') ;technorati.article = new item('Florida girl\'s killer asks for mercy, life','','SARASOTA, Florida (Reuters) - A man convicted of murdering an 11-year-old Florida girl whose abduction was captured by a surveillance camera asked a judge on Tuesday to spare his life and said he was too drugged to remember details of the crime.','') ;[/script][script src=""][/script][script]document.write( technorati.getDisplaySidebar() );[/script][!-- delicious --]
[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]Brucia disappeared on February 1, 2004,while walking home from a friend's house. The case gained nationalattention because a surveillance camera at a car wash recorded a mancoming toward Brucia and leading her away. The videotape was widelytelevised and several people recognized Smith as the abductor.[/p]Brucia's half-naked body was found in a churchyard and police said she had been strangled.[/p]"I'm truly sorry for my actions," Smith told Owens at a sentencing hearing.[/p]Smith,39, acknowledged his guilt as he spoke publicly about the murder forthe first time. He said he was addicted to drugs and had been usingcocaine and heroin on the day he killed Brucia.[/p]"I really don't remember much of that day," he said. "I only hope I will be an example of what drugs can do to you."[/p]Smith cried and said he was afraid of how his death would affect his young daughters and his mother.[/p]"I don't ask for mercy for myself, but for my family," he said.[/p]ProsecutorDebra Riva said Smith deserved to be executed. "None of that (Smith'sdrug problems) outweigh the horrible crime he committed against CarlieBrucia," he said.[/p]On Monday, Riva read a statement from Brucia'smother, Susan Schorpen, saying Carlie's murder had destroyed herfamily. Schorpen could not attend because she has been jailed sincelast month on drug possession and prostitution charges.[/p]"I have self-medicated myself to stop feeling, to numb the pain," Schorpen said in her statement.[/p]The judge is scheduled to announce Smith's sentence on March 15.[/p][/div][/div]

Discover Seattle! / Re: Read any good books?
« on: Feb 14 06 10:21 »
Anyone here like the Bolo series by Keith Laumer? How about stuff by Vince Flynn?

Discover Seattle! / Re: Get Rich WITH PAY PAL
« on: Feb 14 06 10:19 »
I hope the spammer didn't take offense. "Die Spammer, Die" is just German for "The Spammer, The".

Discover Seattle! / Re: Cool 3-D Room Paintings
« on: Feb 14 06 08:32 »
[p class="MsoNormal"][font face="Arial" size="3"][span style="font-size: 16px; font-family: Arial;"][img]"][/span][/font][o:p style="font-size: 16px; font-family: Times New Roman;"][/o:p][/p]
BorKeN linK!!!!!  I don't think pics in email can be posted....

Discover Seattle! / Cool 3-D Room Paintings
« on: Feb 14 06 07:29 »
[font color="#990000" face="Arial" size="5"]3D Painted Rooms[/font][font color="#ff0000" face="Arial" size="5"]
[font face="Arial"]These rooms are painted so that, when           looked at right, optical illusions will appear. Very cool.[/font][font face="Arial" size="2"]
 [/font][!-- start main content --][!-- begin content --]                                                                    [img]" height="346" width="450"]
              [img]" height="375" width="293"]
              [img]" height="375" width="307"]
My Favorite:
              [img]" height="334" width="450"]
              [img]" height="334" width="450"]
              [img]" height="400" width="314"]
              [img]" height="400" width="310"]
              [img]" height="362" width="450"]
              [img]" height="358" width="450"]
              [img]" height="363" width="450"]
              [img]" height="352" width="450"]
              [img]" height="333" width="450"]
              [img]" height="333" width="450"]
              [img]" height="314" width="400"]
              [img]" height="311" width="400"]

Discover Seattle! / Re: I postulate........
« on: Feb 13 06 10:44 »
I do agree with you for the most part, but FTL?  I would think it would give rise to a lot of new industries, as well as allowing the most adventurous humans to explore the galaxy.

I'm all for it, but I think few people would live through the upheavals that would occur as human society went into convulsions trying to figure out how to cope with the changes. Maybe I'm a pessimist. I just think things would be pretty hairy until a new equilibrium was reached. Whether that would take a decade or a century I have no idea.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Worst Mods Ever
« on: Feb 13 06 10:32 »
Hmmm, you know, if someone here wanted a private spot to discuss stuff safely, that can be arranged. I think it'd be no problem to set up a very private, "members-only" board here.

I do it for some  folks with some special needs on a couple of other sites I run and it could certainly be done here if anyone wants it. Just a thought.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Alright Henry
« on: Feb 13 06 10:25 »
Welcome aboard DiscoverSeattle Airlines. Please return the stewardess to the upright postion in preparation for posting.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Worst Mods Ever
« on: Feb 13 06 09:35 »
Only you have the power to affect your feelings.

You know, I used to believe this too, but frankly it's a load of self-serving crap. Other people CAN screw with your feelings. Yes, a Zen Master may be able to rise above it all but for those of us who live in the real world it means that what other people do and say does indeed affect us.

Remember your oh-so-cool attitude the next time someone says or does something hurtful and you get bent out of shape. Then come back here and we'll be more than glad to remind you that "you're the master of your feelings".

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