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mun wrote:
 hello peoples.
So what do you guys think about the whole god thing? i know this topic has been much talked about and argued about but i just want some peoples own personal opinoin.

  I personaly think there definently is a god. it may not be a big white guy with a flowing beard but in my own life ive always felt something watching over all of us. does this god care? is it all loving? can it do anything about anything? that would be great!!! but...  i duno... but i personaly know theres something out there worth checking out.[/DIV]
 Well, I believe in God - but whether I should refer to God as he, she or it, I've no idea.

Basically I believe in a power that is beyond us all and for the sake of a name, I choose to call it God. But to say that I can comprehend God is another matter: if I COULD comprehend he/she/it then he/she/it would be within the scope of my comprehension and therefore lesser than I: ergo hardly God.

I've heard some say that they understand the workings of God's mind - I find this incredible, and wonder if those same people could even comprehend what goes on in the mind of a budgerigar.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Muslims Are INSANE
« on: Apr 07 06 11:22 »
Sportsdude wrote:
 Its always the extreme's of each religion that ruin the party.

Christian fundies in this country

Extreme Orthodox Jews- in Isreal

Fundimentalist Muslims

Moaist Rebels in Nepal- (they are the worst out all these groups by the way, don't go to nepal, its in anarchy)

Budist Monks are known to get testy



Every religion has a dark side.  Its are responsibility to see thru the dark stuff and see the good in people.[/DIV]
 Quakers are pretty good at seeing through the dark stuff...

Patriotic clothing? I must examine my wardobe. I had no idea that my clothes had political views.

 TehBorken wrote:
Basically, the unspoken statement they're making is "[SPAN style="FONT-STYLE: italic"]don't express any support or pride for your own country[/SPAN]" even though we're all supposed to be going "Rah rah rah, USA!".

And if you don't, then you're "unpatriotic".


Sportsdude wrote:

  [A href=""][/A][/DIV]
 We should have a thread devoted to the transmission of good news!

tenkani wrote:

  If you love the environment and believe, as I do, that humankind is not seperate and superior to the natural world, it's difficult to see humanity as anything less than a planetary parasite.

  Heedless of the protests and dire warnings of the scientific community, we will continue consuming our world like a disposable product, and in the end we will cease to be.

  The sad part is that, unlike what some Gaia hypothesists seem to believe, we're probably going to take most of the worldwide biosphere with us. There won't be much left of Gaia after the next world war.  


 The paradoxical thing of all this is that it's just a part of natural evolution


Discover Seattle! / Re: User Age
« on: Apr 03 06 10:28 »
kits wrote:
     Staring at them? Looks more as though he's talking to them!

Discover Seattle! / Re: User Age
« on: Apr 03 06 10:22 »
Lise wrote:
 You guys crack me up. lol. I bow down to you two.


No need to bow, with age comes understanding and tolerance of almost all forms of behaviour in the young  

Discover Seattle! / Re: User Age
« on: Apr 03 06 10:13 »
TehBorken wrote:
  Lise wrote:
 [DIV style="FONT-STYLE: italic"]Most are able to hold a decent conversation with you without staring down at your boobs every 5 mins.[/DIV]
We've just learned how to be subtle about it.  lol

 Nothing quite so subtle as failing eyesight!

Discover Seattle! / User Age
« on: Apr 01 06 10:21 »
Thought it would be interesting to have an overall view of fellow passengers on Spaceship DS  

Discover Seattle! / Re: Read any good books?
« on: Apr 01 06 10:13 »
Sportsdude wrote:
 Went to the library near my house to check out any books on Canada.  They only had 2!!!

One was Pierre Trudeau's Memoirs and the other was a History of Canada.  God, was I pissed.  For a country that is in the same hemisphere as the US they should atleast have more than 2 books on the country other than travel guides.[/DIV]
 Very sad. However try looking in the fiction department. Anything by W.O.Mitchell is worthwhile - he won't tell you much of Canada's anatomy, but if you want a 'physiological' glance at prairie life in Saskatchewan you won't find better.  

If we only knew who was likely to go berserk with a gun in his or her hand then there'd be no problem....

Discover Seattle! / Re: Sunken ships are creepy.
« on: Mar 29 06 12:31 »
Yep, something disturbing indeed - but also eerily romantic.

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