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Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
« on: Apr 20 10 06:49 »
DDD wrote:
*Natasha wrote:
DDD wrote:
 Today should be a good one........sunny out...........[SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"].feeling better than yesterday[/SPAN] yuppers be happy peeps[/DIV]
Glad to hear it.

   Well that was short lived FFS.......... Just got REAL bad news..........but will not know how bad it is untill May 12.........

  will not say what it is untill we find out for sure.....until then  [/DIV]
  I'm sorry.

 You have an exact day for your news? Could you imagine if we all had that about everything? I guess physics do though. Somethings are better left for finding out at that moment.

 Try not to worry yourself, D. Everything will work out for the best.


Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Apr 20 10 06:44 »
Russ wrote:
Morning Natasha.

Ok, question for whomever.. wtf is the translations for this? "Woot! SAHD ftw!"

   Good morning Russ  :)

  You got me on the question. I never did like "woot". Reminds me of an owl. SADH.. not sure. ftw, "fvck the world". Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Discover Seattle! / Re: How would you like...
« on: Apr 20 10 06:41 »
Orik wrote:
^ I agree Russ

a wake, a chance for friends and family to party, to remember the good times,

 That's easier to do when the person has lived a long full life. When the deceased is a younger individual it's hard to avoid that feeling of a young life cheated.  


Discover Seattle! / Re: Love Stinks
« on: Apr 20 10 06:38 »
DDD wrote:
 Just looking at this tittle Love stinks.......while go have a shower.............[img border=0 src=""][/DIV]
 You're talking about different type of love smell.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Who is working today.
« on: Apr 20 10 06:36 »
Me too. But I have a short day  :)

Discover Seattle! / Re: If
« on: Apr 20 10 06:26 »
Random shopping itmes (yes my budget does allow for me to do this). Sometimes if I see something in a window, I go in and buy it on the spot. Then a day or so later I'll go back to buy the handbag to match it. Then I'll go back to look for something for the other people in my home. Hey, at least I'm not selfish.

  If you could have dinner with an influencial member of society who it would it be?

Discover Seattle! / Re: 3 Wishes
« on: Apr 20 10 06:21 »
D, your number 1 is cheating!  ;)

  1) world peace

2) happiness and good health for myself and my family

3) love

Those who try to love and those who look to hate.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Tits and fat balls
« on: Apr 20 10 06:12 »
I don't get it

Discover Seattle! / Re: What did you last buy?
« on: Apr 20 10 06:08 »
A painted Hermit crab.

Discover Seattle! / Re: LAST WORD ;)
« on: Apr 20 10 06:07 »
I usually skip dessert.... lw

Cats doing the nasties.

    And NO I'm not enjoying it.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Which is best?
« on: Apr 20 10 06:04 »
Sleeping in late.

  Driver or passenger?

Am I the only one who comes to the "I have nothing interesting to say" thread and has nothing to say?

Discover Seattle! / Re: Pictures Only Please!
« on: Apr 20 10 05:58 »
^ :)

  is that one of those glow in the dark faces? I saw some like that out with the Halloween decorations this past year. I started to get one but knowing me I'd forget about it, catch a glance of it and get scared so I passed.

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