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Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
« on: Apr 21 10 10:57 »
Lil Me wrote:
 Hey- welcome to the newbies!

*passes out cookies*[/DIV]
 Hi. Thanks for the welcome and the cookies.

I hope they're peanut free. I'm allergic   :(

Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
« on: Apr 21 10 10:55 »
Orik wrote:
Okay hows this if you had not guessed by now, I am little fish.  

Providing my avatar had not given it away.. I thought it was pretty obvious.....

 Ohhhhh  =) Thanks for telling me, that's what I call obvious. I haven't payed attention to anyones avatar yet. Been too busy playing catch up in the threads  =)

Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
« on: Apr 21 10 10:52 »
DDD wrote:
 Do me................. [img border=0 src=""]             ;)[/DIV]
 Do what to you?

Paint a clown a face?  =D

Orik wrote:
those who do not know what love is and those that do

Edit, those who get top and those who don't :lol

 Those who accidently calls "tops" and those who cheat to call "tops"  =P  :)

Discover Seattle! / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: Apr 21 10 10:48 »
How sweet, guys   :)

  I'm a little late for a "good morning". Will you allow a "Good afternoon" in it's place  =)

DDD wrote:
 I hate lying in bed and not being able to fall to sleep[/DIV]
 Have you tried getting into a nightly routine? Turning off the puter and TV giving your brain plenty of time to unwind?

Discover Seattle! / Re: If
« on: Apr 21 10 10:41 »
'68 mustang convertible.

Why? It's one of my favorite cars.

  If a person says they have a tendency to push people aside and leave them there but then later say if someone wants to stay in their lives that other person will put forth the effort to do so, is the original person contradicting themselves?

Discover Seattle! / Re: LAST WORD ;)
« on: Apr 21 10 10:38 »
 I stuck the last word in my bra. I doubt any of you will go in there and get it so it's mine.

I win!


Discover Seattle! / Re: The person below me game
« on: Apr 21 10 10:34 »

  PBM likes to hike?

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Apr 21 10 10:32 »
Hot ham and cheese sandwich

Apple slices


Discover Seattle! / Re: The person below me game
« on: Apr 20 10 07:10 »
 Uhh false.

  I would not do things differently. I like how things have turned out in my life. Though I do wish I could be a bit wiser on certain issues so that I could pass the correct route to the youngers who look to me for advice.

  The PBM believes in miracles?[/DIV]

Discover Seattle! / Re: Which is best?
« on: Apr 20 10 07:04 »
Russ wrote:

Starfishie wont drive while Im a passenger.

Bus or Car

  I prefer to be a passenger. I can enjoy the scenery as a passenger without endangering anyones life. Also driving makes me sleepy  :(

  Chevy or Ford

Russ wrote:
Natasha wrote:
<DIV>Am I the only one who comes to the "I have nothing interesting to say" thread and has nothing to say?</DIV>

No I usually come, see what others have posted and wrack my little brain to find something to say.
   lol... just like me  :)

It's bad when you have to wrack your brain to find something uninteresting to say.. lol

Discover Seattle! / Re: What did you last buy?
« on: Apr 20 10 06:59 »
Russ wrote:
Natasha wrote:
<DIV>A painted Hermit crab.</DIV>

Where did you find that? Most of the hermit crabs I know/ remember are the size of a thimble if not smaller?
I must admit it sounds neat though
   I went on a trip to Tennessee for a car show type of weekend thing. One of the shopping centers had them. I had to pay for the cage and food only. The crab, extra shell, rocks, watering tree were all free. The shell on the crab I have is painted like a lady bug. I also bought one for my younger cousin. The shell on her crab is painted like a dolphin. You can prbably get them online too but it would be considered an adoption. That's how it was for the turtle I have.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
« on: Apr 20 10 06:52 »
Orik wrote:

Well that's nice however, I wont be playing that game. I think  if you have something to say, say it and get it over with. This is a  lesson I'm still trying to apply myself.

Oh G'night, sweet  dreams  =)

Most folks can Guess who my alter Egos are... I do... Give Lots Of hints...

I'm usually not good with hints. So I'd rather just be told be told straight up this way I don't misconsture anything.

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