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Discover Seattle! / Re: If
« on: Apr 22 10 05:29 »
I would like to say I would but I'm not sure if I would or not. Seems selfish of me, I know but I'm only being honest.

  DDD wrote:

If you could change your sex would you

  lol.. maybe for a day so I can truely see what pleases a man then apply it when I become a woman again.

  Orike wrote:

make sure they do not push you aside or away.

  That's not really fair is it? Sounds like the second person will have to put forth more effort in the friendship/relationship if they are doing that.

  If a friendship/relationship is important to you, is pride and/or being stubborn an issue?

Discover Seattle! / Re: How would you like...
« on: Apr 22 10 05:17 »
Orik wrote:
and what age do you allow a person to commit suicide it is there choice and they wish to go throw euthanasia at what age do you allow some one to make that decision...

in this case and situation the death is painful it will be a very long time of suffering as they slowly slip away from the reality of this world there body rots around them... at some point they will be unable to do it for themselves but they want it done.. what age do you allow someone to say I have had enough & I want to go home they want to be free from the pain they are in.

 Allow? I'd never "allow" a person to commit suicide. Why would anyone allow another human being to do that? What type of person would seriously think a suicidal individual is capable of making proper decisions? Sometimes a body just needs to be taken care of regardless of age. If a person really loves you (not neceassarily a spouse either) that person will make decisions for you based on what they're more coherant mind feels is best. They will do some type of intervention. They will allow your burdens to be their own and help you through them all. It's inhumane to allow someone to end their own life.

  As for your example- with modern medical field being what it is now, most people don't suffer in pain. There are medicines, places and even jobs devoted solely to making ones suffering and last days minimal. "at some point they will be unable to do it for themselves but they want it done.." well if they are unable to do it for themselves but want it done then they aren't commiting suicide are they? They're asking you to murder them... totally different.

Discover Seattle! / Re: The person below me game
« on: Apr 22 10 05:01 »
True  (and I did)

  TPB me is looking forward to their day?

Discover Seattle! / Re: Which is best?
« on: Apr 22 10 04:59 »

 My dad used to take me flyfishing when I was younger. I never got the hang of it but I would be willing to try again.


 fishing with a bobber or without a bobber?

Discover Seattle! / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: Apr 22 10 04:47 »
No offense Orik but I'm not going to click that. I can see you're having a terrible day and for that I'm extremely sorry. My day started a few hours ago. So far so good and I'd like to keep that way. Reading something bad will only fill my heart with negativity. I'd like to try to avoid that if possible. I do hope you get the much needed sleep you desire. May angels kiss your dreams.

  Good morning everyone else!

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Apr 22 10 04:40 »
DDD wrote:
 ftw means FIGHT TO WIN..or F*** thousnds women but I go with the 1st one[/DIV]
 lol.. or maybe it means Free The Whales?

  As for lunch, I'm undecided. I haven't even had breakfast yet.

lol.. ^ at least those two are quiet. Ugh I hate being woke up in the middle of the night by those darn cats.

Discover Seattle! / Re: How would you like...
« on: Apr 21 10 11:18 »
Orik wrote:
Aye Natasha that is true, it is the rare occasion when a young person has lived a full life. but what is classified as young. Once upon a time, the average life expectancy was 33 to 38 years old. and now the average life expectancy is 70 years of age.

I think everyone has an idea of what is young (numerically speaking). Who is going to look at someone in their 90's and say "bless his heart, he died young"? When I say young, I mean young. Babies, toddlers and children. They are young no matter how much the average life expectancy changes.

Discover Seattle! / Re: What did you last buy?
« on: Apr 21 10 11:13 »
DDD wrote:

 No you're not!  lol

  Lunch was the last thing I bought.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Love Stinks
« on: Apr 21 10 11:11 »
Gopher wrote:
 Those who tell don't kiss.[/DIV]
 Nor do they get anything else  ;)

Discover Seattle! / Re: Tits and fat balls
« on: Apr 21 10 11:09 »
DDD wrote:
Natasha wrote:
 I don't get it [/DIV]
     OK there was no pic at 1st so what where you thinking about at that time.... u & me  ;)[/DIV]

Well I didn't expect much as it's a public forum. So I was expecting to see some type of fruit photos resembling those body

It could happen  =D

Discover Seattle! / Re: Who is working today.
« on: Apr 21 10 11:06 »
Lil Me wrote:

 I have no problems staying focused in an office.  I don't even have TIME to check DS.  But when I'm working from home, I'm easily distracted.  And DS is suddenly a high priority...


 LOL..  I  know the feeling. I should have been working out but I ended up here instead.



Discover Seattle! / Re: Who is working today.
« on: Apr 21 10 11:04 »
DDD wrote:
Natasha wrote:
 Me too. But I have a short day  :)[/DIV]
 Back at the grind you are........need a vacation this year to the USA not sure where as of now[/DIV]
 Done for today..yay! It went easy too...busy but easy. I love my new patient, she's low maintanence.

  Vaca... Vegas, Texas, Virginia, Tennesee.. all lovely and worth a visit..imo. I hope to take a weekend trip to Kentucky for some fishing  =)

DDD wrote:
 I would not have that stuff to begin with [/DIV]
 Me either.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
« on: Apr 21 10 10:58 »
Orik wrote:
steals a cookie when lm is looking at the newbies...

 Two kinds of people...

Those who steal and those who don'

kidding  =)

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