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How Great Thou Fart- Carrie underwood.

Ball Of Me- john legend.

Discover Seattle! / Re: WPM
« on: Jul 06 14 10:13 »
How I'm feeling is a factor in my typing time. The worse I feel the slower I go.

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Jul 06 14 10:11 »
Chicken with broccoli and cheese.

Discover Seattle! / Re: WPM
« on: Jul 05 14 04:30 »

Its the same for me as you guys above me.  Last time I actually checked (several months ago) I was averaging 85 WPM.

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Jul 05 14 01:07 »
Then don't complain to the company. Complain to the one who pays them (your insurance company, who ever placed you in the program, etc). You can't get kicked out for complaining about not having proper assistance.

But even that is interesting.

I also have nothing interesting to say.  Since I have been pretty much housebound my life has been a round of nurses'  visits and people that are supposed to prepare meals for me but don't seem to know how to heat a can of soup and make a basic sandwich.  So I wind up showing them how to use a can opener (electric) and butter a slice of bread.  They are basically a nuisance foisted on me by Home Health in the name of assistance.  I tried to explain that the help required was just the heavy housework, and eventually I have hopes that my message will get through to the Home Health powers- that- be that provide in-home assistance.

I hope to hear from the wonderful people I've met on this site.

I hate to say this but (IMO) the only way you'll be taken seriously and have your needs met is if you threaten to take your money elsewhere and/or threaten to report the company for not giving you adequent assistance. It seems mean but if you dot make a stand and almost become a nuisance yourself, they will not make you a priority and give you what you deserve. I used to work for a company that offered similar services. I came across many recipients who genuinely needed assistance and called requesting it. The creatures in the office would talk nice and reassure the recipient that a proper aide was being looked for. When the call ends.... The phones are hung up.... The creatures in the office complain that YOU are the problem, YOURE just picky, no one can get along with you. Then they makes "notes" of your difficult behavior to use against you later.... just in case a legal matter arises.
I really do hope the company your tied to is better at accommodating your needs and I hope they care about their recipients more than the company I worked for. Stay strong.  Good luck!!

Discover Seattle! / Re: WPM
« on: Jul 05 14 12:43 »
^ that's pretty good though.

Discover Seattle! / WPM
« on: Jul 03 14 12:41 »
I was just wondering, approximately how many words per minute do you all type?

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Jul 03 14 12:40 »
A dietary aide showed up to fix supper at four in the afternoon.  After I showed her how to use the electric can opener,  (challenging her somewhat feeble intellect)  I had to tell her how to empty the can into a saucepan and put it on a small burner to heat.  I also had to tell her how to turn on the electric stove and set the proper heat.  Since there is usually a different one every day, I never know when she will arrive.  There is first the instruction on where to find the soup, and then the demonstration on how to use the very basic electric stove.  I also have to show them where I keep the soup, the pots and pans, and the dishes.  Since there will likely be a different aide each time, this will require a lot of standing.  I think that tomorrow I'll tell them to sit down and have a rest while I do it.  I pay a certain amount to have them come in twice a day, so they can sit and watch while I do it for myself.  Saves time and effort that way.  I certainly hope they are quick learners!

There will be a fair amount of turnover of staff during the summer to make it even more interesting. I hope that won't last for too long before I get a few regulars who know what they are supposed to do and how to do it.  I don't want to  spend the rest of the summer training people who probably won't show up again.

Believe it or not, this letter has taken me hours to complete!  I have to keep lying down and resting between paragraphs.  Such a long period of time for something that isn't a novel!  Being horizontal makes it difficult to type coherently. ;)  A pile of cats demanding attention is also distracting. ("Can't you see we are starving?  We have been waiting for at least two hours since the last meal!)  They do make excellent bed snugglers, though, especially when I am just dozing off and a cat comes flying onto the bed demanding pats and scratches.  Now they are both sleeping, one on the floor and the other on the dresser.  They are waiting for me to lie down so they can jump on the bed and demand my full attention.

I think I'll call it quits for now.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Love to you all.

Why are you having to show these aids so much? Do they just not know or are they playing dumb? Aids are suppose to know the basics of cooking, cleaning and personal care. Is there another company you can go to? You can report(to the company) anyone who doesn't do their job when they are in your home. Theres absolutely no reason to pay for services you aren't actually recieving... imo. You really have to be careful with aides. Some just like to act they don't know how to do anything so they wont HAVE to do anything. It's annoying and their lack of work makes more work for the aides who actually do their job. At the end of the day, it's about you!! So do whatever you need to, to get the real help you need and are paying for.

^ thats exactly how I started watching The Walking Dead.  I was bored one night and pulled the show up on Netflix. Got caught up on the series over a few nights now I'm up to date and look forward to the new seasons.

 >:(  I hate dealing with my kids father!!!   We just have to hang in there for another two years *sigh*

Modern Family

Of course I would wait til the show is only airing reruns to start watching lol

I recently got rid of my landline. I kept it for a long time because I had unlimited long distance and internet set up with it. But everyone calls my cell which meant I only had a landline for internet services. I added my internet service with my satellite service and canceled all landline services. Now I'm saving about $100 a month

I do have to admit though, I miss payphones. What if something happens while someone is out and they dont have a cell phone or their cell phone can't be used?? Theres no option to call from a payphone. Hopefully, they'll come across kind strangers or walk up to a house that doesn't believe in shooting trespassers.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Pictures Only Please!
« on: Jun 28 14 02:04 »

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