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Discover Seattle! / Literally I can't even...
« on: Mar 29 15 06:18 »
Lol, literally I can't even

Discover Seattle! / Amazon
« on: Mar 27 15 01:37 »
via /.

Amazon has not only subjected their warehouse employees to abusive working conditions, but now they're also making them sign an insanely broad "non-compete agreement" as a condition of employment.

Here's an excerpt from the agreement:

"During employment and for 18 months after the Separation Date, Employee will not, directly or indirectly, whether on Employee's own behalf or on behalf of any other entity (for example, as an employee, agent, partner, or consultant), engage in or support the development, manufacture, marketing, or sale of any product or service that competes or is intended to compete with any product or service sold, offered, or otherwise provided by Amazon (or intended to be sold, offered, or otherwise provided by Amazon in the future)."

WTF? So some disposable, hourly employee has to predict what Amazon might offer within the next year and a half, and avoid working for any company that might do something similar as Amazon?

This whole thing is utterly unenforceable, but the idea that they're telling you who you can't work for in such broad terms is unreal.

For example, notice the part that says "any product or service". That's just ridiculously broad.

Have you seen the array of things Amazon sells? Basically, they sell everything.

You can buy bubblegum and CNC Milling Machines. You can buy music, movies, and Michael Kors handbags. They sell plastic bags, violins, and pizza ovens. They sell Ortho Fusion Chem Analyzer devices ($459,000.00).

They sell tires and desks and phones and lawn food and cameras and vibrators and Tupperware and yachting caps and screwdrivers and radios and batteries and books and foam rollers and dog cages and swim vests and perfume and vacuum cleaners and toilet paper...and on and on and on.

Is there any kind of business you could actually go into that Amazon couldn't claim was somehow infringing? It's insane.

Not a joke: Feminists Ban Clapping Because it Triggers 'Anxiety'

A U.K. student feminism conference is asking attendees to refrain from clapping and use “jazz hands” instead so as to not trigger anxiety in others.

The National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s Campaign announced the clapping “ban” at the West Midlands conference on Twitter Tuesday, shortly after receiving a request from the Oxford University Women’s Campaign.

“@nuswomcam please can we ask people to stop clapping but do feminist jazz hands? it’s triggering some peoples’ anxiety. thank you!” Oxford representatives wrote.

Holy crap, what the hell is wrong with Indiana? And what's wrong with a$$hole Gov. Mike Pence?

Washington (CNN) Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law on Thursday a measure that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of "religious freedom."

The bill has sparked an uproar among gamers and church groups that hold their conventions in Indianapolis and businesses that are threatening to pull out of the city.

Even the NCAA -- which is less than two weeks from hosting its men's basketball Final Four in Indianapolis -- was critical, saying the organization is "committed to an inclusive environment where all individuals enjoy equal access to events" as it hinted the bill could damage the city's reputation as a host of major sporting events.

Jason Collins, who last year became the first openly gay active NBA player, asked Pence in a tweet whether it is "going to be legal for someone to discriminate against me & others when we come" to the Final Four in two weeks.

Still, Pence signed it in a private ceremony in his office Thursday. In a statement explaining his decision, he pointed to President Barack Obama's health care law -- which triggered a lawsuit by Hobby Lobby to ensure the company wasn't required to cover birth control through its employees' health insurance plans.

What a load of bullshit. Discrimination in the name of "religious freedom"? I don't think so. I suspect Indiana will pay dearly for this in the long run, and I suspect the Supreme Court will strike it down.

Discover Seattle! / One of the stupidest things ever
« on: Mar 24 15 09:32 »
A Bechdel Test for programming? A thoroughly stupid and pointless idea.

via slashdot:

In order for a movie or television show to pass the Bechdel Test* (named after cartoonist and MacArthur genius Alison Bechdel), it must feature two female characters, have those two characters talk to one another, and have those characters talk to one another about something other than a man.  A lot of movies and shows don't pass. How would programming culture fare if subjected to a similar test?

One tech firm, 18F, decided to find out after seeing a tweet from Laurie Voss, CTO of npm, which explained the parameters of a modified Bechdel Test. According to Voss, a project that passes the test must feature at least one function written by a woman developer, that calls a function written by another woman developer.

'The conversation started with us quickly listing the projects that passed the Bechdel coding test, but then shifted after one of our devs then raised a good point,' read 18F's blog posting on the experiment.

'She said some of our projects had lots of female devs, but did not pass the test as defined.' For example, some custom languages don't have functions, which means a project built using those languages would fail even if written by women. (Starting to see the 'stupid' here?)

"Nonetheless, both startups and larger companies could find the modified Bechdel Test a useful tool for opening up a discussion about gender balance within engineering and development teams."

1) If you can substitute the term "white male" into your premise and suddenly find it offensive, then was actually racist/sexist all along.

2) Seriously, this is the dumbest thing ever. Just make the code work. I don't care if there were women involved in writing it or not. There are so many issues that actually matter, and this isn't one of them.

3) You won't find any real programmers (male OR female) wasting their time culling through the code base, compiling statistics, looking for some form of bigotry. Instead, he or she will call your functions if they work regardless of what you look like.

*The Bechdel test is, quite literally, a joke. It started as a joke in a cartoon (see below), and it remains a joke because it is utterly useless as a measure for anything at all. This new test, from the description above, is no better.

At his announcement that he's running for president (surprise!), here are the 35 things Ted Cruz asked the crowd to “imagine:”

  • Imagine your parents when they were children.
  • Imagine a little girl growing up in Wilmington, Delaware during World War II
  • Imagine a teenage boy, not much younger than many of you here today, growing up in Cuba. Jet black hair, skinny as a rail.
  • Imagine for a second the hope that was in his heart as he rode that ferry boat across to Key West.
  • Imagine a young married couple, living together in the 1970s, neither
     one of them has a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Imagine another little girl living in Africa, in Kenya and Nigeria.
  • Imagine another teenage boy being raised in Houston.
  • Imagine millions of courageous conservatives, all across America, rising up together to say in unison “we demand our liberty.”
  • Imagine instead millions of people of faith all across America coming out to the polls and voting our values.
  • Imagine millions of young people coming together and standing together, saying “we will stand for liberty.”
  • Imagine instead of economic stagnation, booming economic growth.
  • Imagine small businesses growing and prospering.
  • Imagine young people coming out of school with four, five, six job offers.
  • Imagine innovation thriving on the Internet as government regulators.
  • Imagine America finally becoming energy self-sufficient as millions and millions of high-paying jobs are created.
  • Imagine in 2017 a new president signing legislation repealing every word of Obamacare.
  • Imagine health care reform that keeps government out of the way between you and your doctor and that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable.
  • Imagine a simple flat tax that lets every American fill out his or her taxes on a postcard.
  • Imagine abolishing the IRS.
  • Imagine a president that finally, finally, finally secures the borders.
  • Imagine a legal immigration system that welcomes and celebrates those who come to achieve the American dream.
  • Imagine a federal government that stands for the First
     Amendment rights of every American.
  • Imagine a federal government that works to defend the sanctity of human life…
  • Imagine a federal government that protects the right to keep and bear arms of all law-abiding Americans.
  • Imagine a federal government that protected the privacy rights of every American.
  • Imagine repealing every word of Common Core.
  • Imagine embracing school choice as the civil rights issue of the next generation.
  • Imagine a president who stands unapologetically with the nation of Israel.
  • Imagine a president who says “I will honor the Constitution, and under no
     circumstances will Iran be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon.”
  • Imagine a president who says “We will stand up and defeat radical Islamic terrorism and we will call it by its name.”
  • Imagine it’s 1775, and you and I were sitting there in Richmond listening to Patrick Henry say give me liberty or give me death.
  • Imagine it’s 1776 and we were watching the 54 signers of the Declaration of Independence stand together and pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to igniting the promise of America.
  • Imagine it was 1777 and we were watching General Washington as he lost battle, after battle, after battle in the freezing cold as his soldiers with no shoes were dying, fighting for freedom against the most powerful army in the world.
  • Imagine it’s 1933 and we were listening to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tell America at a time of crushing depression, at a time of a gathering storm abroad, that we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
  • Imagine it’s 1979 and you and I were listening to Ronald Reagan.

Now imagine Ted Cruz shutting his mouth, because the only way Ted Cruz will ever see the inside of the White House is if he takes the tour. He is utterly unelectable by any stretch of the imagination. There just aren't enough right-wing whackos in the country to elect him, even if you emptied out all the mental institutions and bussed them directly to the polls.

Discover Seattle! / Piranha Feeding Time
« on: Mar 21 15 01:12 »
Holy shit, Piranha Feeding Time:

Discover Seattle! / Antipodes Map (AKA Tunnel Map)
« on: Mar 19 15 10:50 »
This is the Antipodes Map (AKA Tunnel Map). It's a tool that lets you see what's on the other side of the world from any given spot on Earth.

Find where you live on the left side and zoom in. The right side shows where you'd pop out if you drilled a hole straight down through the Earth and out the other side (or vice versa).

Sadly, nowhere I've lived seems to end up anywhere interesting on the other side of the planet. Maybe you'll have better luck. All my spots ended up in the Indian Ocean, southeast of Madagascar (more or less).

 A physicist, engineer and a statistician are out hunting. Suddenly, a deer appears 50 yards away.

The physicist does some basic ballistic calculations, assuming a vacuum, lifts his rifle to a specific angle, and shoots. The bullet lands 5 yards short.

The engineer adds a fudge factor for air resistance, lifts his rifle slightly higher, and shoots. The bullet lands 5 yards long.

The statistician yells "We got him!"

Discover Seattle! / Lol, I'm so shocked!!
« on: Mar 18 15 08:20 »
From slashdot:

"The Evolution Market, an online black market that sells everything contraband — from marijuana, heroin and ecstasy to stolen identities and malicious hacking services — appears to have vanished in the last 24 hours with little warning.

Much to the chagrin of countless merchants hawking their wares in the underground market, the curators of the project have reportedly absconded with the community's bitcoins — a stash that some Evolution merchants reckon is worth more than USD $12 million."

Lol, you mean the guys that operated a black market using an untraceable virtual currency turned out to be  untrustworthy and stole all the money?


Discover Seattle! / Self publishing disasters
« on: Mar 17 15 03:19 »
There's a reason that self publishing is looked down upon...

Pounded by The Biker Rainbow Come to Life!: Gay Paranormal Romance M/M

Synopsis: "With his hippy lover dead from a tragic rock-climbing accident, Saul is caught in an endless spiral of bong hits and munchie-filled nights on his sofa. He is haunted by that fateful day and after a midnight toke revelation, he knows that he's got to return to Indian's Claw and avenge Rico's death. What Saul doesn't anticipate though, is that Rico may still be alive... in the form of a stud rainbow that's come to life and only has eyes for the mourning hippy."

Discover Seattle! / Your handwriting as a font
« on: Mar 16 15 01:30 »
This is pretty cool, turn your handwriting into a font.

Download the template image below and print it out, then fill in the letters.  When you're done just scan it and upload it to:

It'll convert the handwritten letters you filled in into a font you can use in Linux, Windows, or Apple.

Discover Seattle! / peepul r funnee
« on: Mar 13 15 08:05 »
From another site I manage, this came in through the contact form:

I was a member at one time cant seem to have my user name or e-mail accepted or my password

That's it. And of course they didn't bother to include an email address so we can contact them.

Discover Seattle! / Trump's Plan To Beat ISIS
« on: Mar 10 15 10:28 »
Donald Trump revealed his Master Plan to fight and defeat ISIS in February 2015, and his plan is to basically "find a general in our armed forces who will beat them."

That was it.

I know, it's unimaginably brilliant. I'm surprised Trump isn't teaching an Advanced Military Strategy course at West Point. 

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