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CHICAGO (CBS) — Police and the Lake County Coroner’s office were investigating, after a Highland Park couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their home earlier this week.

A Highland Park Fire Department lieutenant found the bodies of his parents – 79-year-old Pasquale Fontanini and 76-year-old Rina Fontanini – in their home Monday morning. Pasquale Fontanini’s body was on the first floor, and Rina Fontanini’s body was in an upstairs bedroom.

The Lake County Coroner’s office said autopsies determined both husband and wife died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Police said investigators believe Pasquale Fontanini heard the home’s carbon monoxide detector going off, found the family car’s keyless ignition running in the attached garage, and opened the garage door, but the deadly carbon monoxide did not dissipate quickly enough, and the couple was overcome.

Their son tried to perform CPR after finding their bodies, but could not revive them.

Hmmm, you have to wonder if an electrical glitch or other problem caused the car to start by itself....with keyless ignitions you just need to have the "key" close to the car to be able to start it, there's no actual key that has to be inserted to start the engine. Without the key near to the car the engine will not start.

If the key is nearby, however, 5 or 6 feet typically, then the car goes into a "ready" state where the engine can be started with the push-button. The engine starts by a push-button, and it's not hard to imagine an electrical spike or fault causing the car to think that the start button was pushed.

I know if I'm standing over the garage in my house the bluetooth gear in my phone will "see" and link up to the car a floor below below me, and vice-versa. I wouldn't be surprised to find that a keyless ignition key worked at a similar distance.

Ya gotta wonder if something like this happened, as there's no apparent suspicion that this might have been suicide. Maybe the keyfob was close enough to the car to put it into the "ready" state and an electrical fault of some sort started the car.

Discover Seattle! / The Great Escape from Clinton
« on: Jun 08 15 11:22 »
Two inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat,  escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility, and to do so they "cut through the steel wall at the back of their cell, crawled down a catwalk, broke through a brick wall, cut their way into and out of a steam pipe, and then sliced through the chain and lock on a manhole cover outside the prison".

The prison officials think it may be (partly) an inside job, maybe they got help from a contractor or someone on the prison staff.

I disagree....I suspect it was mostly an outside job.

I think someone basically took their time burrowing into the prison from the outside. This would explain a lot, for example, why no one heard anything when the pipes and walls were being cut open.

A steam pipe like the one in the pic is about 1/4" thick, that's some pretty serious stuff to be cutting or breaching even with acid or something like a thermal lance. When I cut 1/8th steel in my shop with a cutoff tool I need eye and ear protection, and it makes one HELL of a noise. There's just no way in the world to keep it quiet.

It also looks like it was cut very cleanly. That doesn't seem like it was done in a couple hours.

So, maybe acid or a oxyacetylene gas cutting torch. Both are pretty quiet overall.

Doing all this from inside without getting caught seems very unlikely. But doing it from the outside would be much easier. So I think someone likely broke into Clinton to make a path out for these guys.

And it looks like I was wrong. The news sources are saying now that it appears a staff person, Joyce Mitchell, gave the prisoners access to tools and other equipment used in the escape.  Mitchell was an industrial training supervisor in the prison tailor shop where both inmates worked.

It also appears that that Mitchell had agreed to pick up  Matt and Sweat in a getaway car, but backed out at the last minute and checked herself into a hospital for panic attacks.

Dang, I really liked my theory, it sounded so good. :(  lol

Discover Seattle! / The Danger Of Selfies
« on: Jun 05 15 07:23 »
Brian Everstine writes at Air Force Times that U.S. intelligence officers were able to locate and bomb an Islamic State command center based on a photo and comments in social media.

"The [airmen are] combing through social media and they see some moron standing at this command," said Gen. Hawk Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command. "And in some social media, open forum, bragging about command and control capabilities for Da'esh, ISIL, And these guys go 'ah, we got an in.'

So they do some work, long story short, about 22 hours later through that very building, three JDAMS take that entire building out. Through social media. It was a post on social media. Bombs on target in 22 hours."

Discover Seattle! / Fly to space
« on: May 20 15 02:04 »
Friggin to space:

Discover Seattle! / English
« on: May 16 15 07:15 »
Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.  :)


Check out the new U.S. demographic data from the Pew Research Center which show that the percentage of Americans declaring affiliation with a particular religion has declined sharply since 2007.

Americans identifying as Christian dropped from 78.4% in 2007 to 70.6% in 2014.  Those describing themselves as atheist, agnostic, or simple having no affiliation took up most of the slack, rising from 16.1% to 22.8%. Members of non-Christian faiths collectively rose from 4.7% to 5.9%.

Despite the overall decline, the demographics within the Christian group are getting much more racially and ethnically diverse. The willingness of respondents to marry outside their religious affiliation is also on the rise. The median age of unaffiliated adults is dropping, while the median ages of mainline Protestants and Catholics are rising.

The study estimates that 85% of adults age 70 and over are Christian, while only 56% of adults ages 18-24 are Christian. They also say that each individual generation has shown a slight decrease in religious affiliation compared to their statistics in 2007.

Discover Seattle! / The NSA...
« on: May 07 15 07:09 »

The NSA...

They sabotage encryption software, because they can:

They wiretap internet connections, regardless if it's undersea, ground, or satellite uplinks, because they can:

They search through our voicemail, because they can:

They hacked phones of their allies political leaders, because they can:

They do industrial espionage on a more advanced level than the Chinese, because they can:

Discover Seattle! / So true
« on: May 04 15 08:40 »
"The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft."

Discover Seattle! / This Week in Science
« on: May 03 15 07:14 »

Discover Seattle! / Everything Is Rigged
« on: May 02 15 03:49 »
Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

"Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything."

- Matt Taibbi

Discover Seattle! / "Literacy test"
« on: Apr 30 15 05:25 »
No comment....

Discover Seattle! / The fake jobs industry
« on: Apr 30 15 10:41 »
Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explain how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go through to disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1b workers.

Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of other companies are running these kinds of fake ads in Sunday newspapers across the country each week.

This reminds me of the "literacy tests" that were routinely given to blacks in the South up until the 1960's...the goal was to fail the person and keep them from voting no matter what.

In short, it doesn't matter how qualified you are for the job or how good a fit it would be, if you can't be hired through an H-1b visa then you ain't gettin' no job.

Discover Seattle! / I knew it
« on: Apr 22 15 04:28 »
I knew this was happening but I could never prove it. Now someone has proved it.

I know I rag on Facebook a lot, but it's deserved. Here's the latest revelation: Facebook collects all content that is typed into its website, even if it is not posted.

So if you're typing something into a Facebook form and then change your mind and decide not to post it, they still have it.

Facebook collects all content that is typed into its website, even if it is not posted, a tech consultant has discovered. In December 2013, it was reported that Facebook plants code in browsers that returns metadata every time somebody types out a status update or comment but deletes it before posting.

At the time, Facebook maintained that it only received information indicating whether somebody had deleted an update or comment before posting it, and not exactly what the text said.

However, Príomh Ó hÚigínn, a tech consultant based in Ireland, has claimed this is not the case after inspecting Facebook's network traffic through a developer tool and screencasting software.

‘I realised that any text I put into the status update box was sent to Facebook's servers, even if I did not click the post button,’ he wrote on his blog yesterday.

Full story:

A little sanity finally in the anti-vax nonsense.......

A bill that would require nearly all children in California to be vaccinated by eliminating "personal belief" exemptions advanced through the State Legislature on Wednesday, though it still has several hurdles to clear.

If approved, California would become one of only three states that require all parents to vaccinate their children as a condition of going to school, unless there is a medical reason not to do so. Under the bill, introduced after a measles outbreak that began at Disneyland, parents who refuse vaccines for philosophical or religious reasons would have to educate their children at home.

The legislation prompted a roiling debate in Sacramento, and last week hundreds of people protested at the Capitol, arguing that it infringed on their rights and that it would unfairly shut their children out of schools. Last Wednesday, the legislation stalled in the Senate Education Committee as lawmakers said they were concerned that too many students would be forced into home schooling.

This Wednesday, however, the bill passed that committee after its authors tweaked it, adding amendments that would expand the definition of home schooling to allow multiple families to join together to teach their children or participate in independent study programs run by public school systems.

That seems a wee bit pricey even for Uber....

Uber Customer Now "Owes" $16,000 For One Ride To Midtown

Jaime Hessel's March 28th UberX ride from her East Williamsburg apartment to Midtown East covered 6.79 miles in 35 minutes and 29 seconds, and resulted in a $12,251.49 bill. In Uber's defense, Midtown East is lovely this time of year.

. . .

Hessel's initial receipt for the ride was $56.40, which she immediately contested, claiming that the driver had unnecessarily extended the ride. She sent an e-mail to Uber Support, and Uber responded a few days later, on April 3rd. "They were really quick about it, and I was impressed," she admitted. "They said, 'We reviewed it, and you're right. He definitely took extra time that was unnecessary, we're going to credit your account $15."
Yesterday morning, Hessel still hadn't received her refund. This is probably due to the fact that the credit card on her account expired on April 1st, and she had yet to update the information. 
"I received two e-mails yesterday. One about the status of my credit saying it should be there, it's been processed. And then a second e-mail saying they are trying to charge me $16,000, but then $4,000 had already been taken care of, so I owed them $12,000. I couldn't even tell you what this was about, because I checked my credit cards and there was no charge. I e-mailed them numerous times and they kept giving me the runaround. I was furious. I mean, you can't give me an explanation?"

Full Story:

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