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Discover Seattle! / Abortion doctor killed in Kansas
« on: May 31 09 11:07 »
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"They" finally have done it. sad.

Mind you these groups routinely call and shout 'pro-death' crap at you.


Discover Seattle! / Cat falls 26 stories, survives
« on: May 30 09 05:13 »
lol crazy cat.

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Japanese researchers have genetically engineered monkeys whose hair roots, skin and blood glow green under a special light, and who have passed on their traits to their offspring, the first time this has been achieved in a primate.                  They spliced a jellyfish gene into [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1243465054_0"]common marmosets[/span], and said on Wednesday they hope to use their colony of glowing animals to study human [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1243465054_1"]Parkinson's disease[/span] and [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1243465054_2"]amyotrophic lateral sclerosis[/span] or ALS.[/p]                  Erika Sasaki and Hideyuki Okano of the [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1243465054_3"]Keio University School of Medicine[/span] in Japan used a virus to carry the gene for [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1243465054_4"]green fluorescent protein[/span] into monkey embryos, which were implanted into a female monkey, and four out of five were born with the gene throughout their bodies.[/p][a href=""][/a][/p]-----------------------[/p]So they glow in the dark?

Yikes. I don't like riding my bike on 10th, 4th and Dunbar for these reasons. I feel like I'm going to get squashed. (Plus my old bike sucks and could break down at any moment lol)

All of this was caught on CCTV of course. He was riding his bike looking at sites for future 'bike super highways' as he hates cars and wants London to be like Copenhagen.

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Because of a contagious cancer.

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 [span style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; cursor: pointer; mozbackground-clip: mozinitial; mozbackground-origin: mozinitial; mozbackground-inline-policy: mozinitial;" class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242961284_0"]Australia's Tasmanian devil[/span], the world's largest surviving marsupial carnivore, will be listed as endangered because of a contagious and deadly cancer, the government said.                  "This disease has led to the decline of about 70 percent of the [span style="border-bottom: 1px dashed rgb(0, 102, 204); cursor: pointer;" class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242961284_1"]Tasmanian devil[/span] population since the disease was first reported in 1996," Environment Minister [span style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; cursor: pointer; mozbackground-clip: mozinitial; mozbackground-origin: mozinitial; mozbackground-inline-policy: mozinitial;" class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242961284_2"]Peter Garrett[/span] said in a statement.[/p]                  [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242961284_3"]Devil facial tumour disease[/span], which is spread through biting, kills the animals usually within three months by growing over their faces and mouths, preventing them from eating.[/p]
[/p]Yes, Peter Garrett is the environment minister of Australia
[/p][a href=""][/a]

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 Human warriors have long spoken of the bonds forged in combat and of becoming a "band of brothers." The fact that some of those fellow soldiers are made of metal has not discouraged [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_0"]human feelings[/span] toward them. [/p]                           Thousands of robots now fight with humans on modern battlefields that resemble scenes from science fiction movies such as "[a href="*"][span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_1"]Terminator Salvation[/span][/a]." But the real world poses a more complex situation than humans versus robots, and has added [a href="*"][span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_2"]new twists[/span][/a] to the psychology of war. [/p]                           "One of the psychologically interesting things is that these systems aren't designed to promote intimacy, and yet we're seeing these bonds being built with them," said [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_3"]Peter Singer[/span], a leading defense analyst at the [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_4"]Brookings Institution[/span] and author of "Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_5"]21st Century[/span]" (Penguin Press HC, 2009). [/p]                           Singer highlights many accounts of human soldiers feeling strong affection for their robots - especially on the [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_6"]Explosive Ordnance Disposal[/span] (EOD) teams where Packbots and Talon robots undertake the risk of disabling improvised explosives planted by [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_7"]insurgents in Iraq[/span] and [span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_8"]Afghanistan[/span]. [/p]                           One EOD soldier brought in a robot for repairs with tears in his eyes and asked the repair shop if it could put "[span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1242918088_9"]Scooby-Doo[/span]" back together. Despite being assured that he would get a new robot, the soldier remained inconsolable. He only wanted Scooby-Doo.
[/p]-----------------------------[/p]Interesting. This sounds more like the realities and viciousness of war or the "Wilson" syndrome seen in Cast Away, than 'bonding'.

Discover Seattle! / Arthur Erickson passed
« on: May 21 09 12:04 »

[img style="width: 357px; height: 267px;" src="[/img]

[img style="width: 359px; height: 268px;" src="[/img]


A friend just emailed this and its totally awesome.

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[A href=""][FONT size=1][/FONT][FONT size=2]OpenDocument[/FONT][/A]

[img style="WIDTH: 435px; HEIGHT: 277px" height=348 src="" width=435]

Missouri man sees the state, mile by mile

Unfold a road map of Missouri and look at all the highways. Not just the interstates and major roads with numbers, but the little lettered back roads that run like veins across the counties.

John Robinson wants to drive them all.

Robinson's goal is to drive every state-maintained road in Missouri, which accounts for about 32,000 miles. It sounds farfetched until you hear that he already has covered 91 percent of the total and estimates he may make his goal by the summer of 2010.

Robinson has seen a lot of Show-Me scenery. Ask him for his favorite town or stretch of roadway, and he has a hard time naming just one.

"I really like Fillmore — like in Millard," he said. "Grandpa's Bar is across the street from the Fillmore Opry. Next to the Fillmore is Floyd's Antiques. Bethel is nice. It's an old German town that's fallen on hard times. But those homes and buildings were built by German bricklayers and will be there long after we're gone.

"In Vernon County, there's a town named Liberal with two groups that pick up the trash along the roadway. I love the highway department signs that say Liberal VFW Post 2664 and Liberal Future Farmers of America."

His years of inspecting Missouri have resulted in one optimistic note, and one critical observation.

"The Wal-Martization of America, particularly in Missouri, has devastated the downtowns of many of these communities," he said. "But people are coming back, they're figuring out ways to stabilize and actually reverse the downslide of the downtown."

He is critical, however, of the state for allowing Interstate 70 to be lined by scenery-blocking billboards.

"A lot of Americans have one impression of Missouri and that's I-70, and I-70 is one of the ugliest faces there is in the state," he said. "If people went even 20 miles north or south, they'd find things in Missouri that are delightful."

I've been to Liberal, its only funny because its in the most non-liberal place of the state. Walmart are killers indeed.

And the Liberal critic says that's no big deal. lol

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  awww *tear* *tear*

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"One extreme fan of my mother’s recently told me I could be “his Cindy.” And then asked me if I ever wore pearls because they probably would look as good on me as they do on my mother. No, I'm not kidding. Any guy that has a fetish for older women in pantsuits and large pearls obviously only finds my last name attractive about me."
-that's so home boy republican

Recently, over dinner, a guy started explaining his reasons for supporting President Obama during the election (I didn’t ask, I think the poor guy felt guilty) and I immediately found any attraction I had previously had dissipate.
- that's so home boy democrat

well Rush Limbaugh is single.

Although she probably isn't getting any dates because she's considered a liberal and with the great putsch going on in that wretched party, of course she's not getting laid. lol

You'd think growing up in a political family and then going to a 'elite' school, she'd realize that that is all the 22-30 year olds talk about for the most part. Some more lamer then others.  And the ones that talk about politics are into extreme party affiliation loyalty and are such strange beasts that you end up feeling sorry for and go, wow they must wet their bed at night.

lol I'm starting to sound like this girl. haha

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[span class="caption"]Pinky the rare albino dolphin has been spotted in Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana

Spotted by Capt. Rue.

Discover Seattle! / One Week (movie)
« on: Feb 28 09 10:20 »
My clone made a movie, its about finding oneself in Canada.  Toronto to Tofino.

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Discover Seattle! / Earliest human footprints found
« on: Feb 27 09 01:03 »
1.5 million years ago somebody "was here"

if that foot print could talk, what would it say?

[p class="first"]The earliest footprints showing evidence of modern human foot anatomy and gait have been unearthed in Kenya. [/p]The 1.5-million-year-old footprints display signs of a pronounced arch and short, aligned toes, in contrast to older footprints. [/p]The size and spacing of the Kenyan markings - attributed to Homo erectus - reflect the height, weight, and walking style of modern humans. [/p]The findings have been published in the journal Science. [!-- E SF --][/p]The footprints are not the oldest belonging to a member of the human lineage. That title belongs to the 3.7 million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis prints found in Laetoli, Tanzania, in 1978. [/p]Those prints, however, showed comparatively flat feet and a significantly higher angle between the big toe and the other toes, representative of a foot still adapted to grasping. [/p]Exactly how that more ape-like foot developed into its modern version has remained unclear. [/p]The fossil record is distinctly lacking in foot and hand bones, according to lead author Matthew Bennett of Bournemouth University, UK. [/p]"The reason is that carnivores like to eat hands and feet," Professor Bennett told BBC News. [/p]"Once the flesh is gone there's a lot of little bones that don't get preserved, so we know very little about the evolution of hands and feet on our ancestors."

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We need to liberate ourselves from this madness, Republic![/p]That said NBC did the same thing at the end of Beijing. Said 'the splendour of the the Canadian Rockies.'
[/p][a href=""][/a]
[/p]"From that city you can see some very, very tall mountains ... and these mountains are called ..." Ms. Jean asked, before proclaiming: "The Rockies."[/p] Cue freshman senator, B.C. resident and Olympic ski legend Nancy Greene, with a geography crash course.[/p] "No, it's the Coast Mountains," Ms. Greene said.[/p] In an exchange captured by CTV, Ms. Jean laughs at her mistake, turning off-camera to an unseen woman said to be Ms. Greene.[/p] "We can also call them the Rockies, no?" she asked.[/p] No, we can't. There are seven different mountain ranges in mainland southern B.C., including the Coast Mountains, where the Games will be held, and the Rockies far to the east. Ms. Jean skipped the Purcell, Selkirk, Cariboo, Monashee and Cascade ranges.[/p]  

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