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[span style="color: rgb(255, 64, 159);"]HOPE YOU GUYS ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY!!!=3 I AM!!^^^^^^[/span]

[span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);"]YAY!!^___^[/span]

Discover Seattle! / WOW (Random topic)
« on: Feb 02 09 03:59 »
   I just noticed alot of the topics on the first page are mine. lol. Not alot of people like to make threads?
WEll, I made another one! ha. sccccore.=3

This can be teh random thread to talk about random stuff.^__^   YAYZ.


Discover Seattle! / What time is it where you live?
« on: Feb 01 09 06:49 »
It's 11:27 PM here in Newfoundland.^_^  

Discover Seattle! / Hairstyles! YEAH!
« on: Jan 28 09 01:31 »
What's your favorite hairstyle?=) I am trying to decide and it's driving me nuts.>< lol. What do you like on the opposite sex?
I  deffiently wanna keep long hair but I don't know if I should get a bang or not.D: I think a blunt straight bang looks nice, but maybe a razored side swept bang? I want to pick something that is really femmine but also a little sass, you know really trendy. I was thinking long layers and fuller at the top with some razored peices...... On Guys I LOVE the scene/emo styles with the razored stuck up peices and stuff, and some streaks of unnatural color in dark hair.=)

Peoples tells me hair stuff!!! Yeah! Hairstyles/colors is always a super fun exciting topic.=)  

Discover Seattle! / What should I do?
« on: Jan 25 09 02:34 »
Lately I have really been missing one of my x friends. It's strange for me because I never really missed this person before. I got into allllot of fights with this person and whenever we fought and I always refused to talk to her and ignored her. I never really missed her before though, I always thought"Her Loss" and "Im better off". It's strange because we haven't been actual friends for like 2 years. I never cared before but lately I find myself wanting to become friends alot. I don't know what to do. I'm sure she's moved on and is not into being friends again anyways, and I would never ever admit to her that I would be interested in talking again. In the past it was always her to come back and say something first, I would never be able to do that. Anyone eles have any similar stories/Advice?  After so long do you think anyone would be interested in becoming friends again?  

Discover Seattle! / My lip hurts.=(
« on: Jan 24 09 12:41 »
I have a labret and earlier the ball thing fell off and got lost and I only had one for that lip ring/bar thing. The only other lip ring I have Is like 2 sizes thicker and it's for side peircings I think so it doesn't fit my labret well, it's not long enough...BUt I had to use it because I don't have any money to buy another one right now and I don't want it to grow over....Now My Lip is swelled up and hurty. =( And that is not a super happy fun time.

Piercings are annoying alot of the time.>< BUt I think they look so nice. I only have my ears and a Labret done though. I wanted to get a septum pericing and a tounge one..but I am too much of a wuss to do it.>< The only reason I got my Labret was because she made me wait like 6 hours and I was so annoyed I went through it mostly on spite...and I had a friend there to hold my hand and I stil screamed in the ladys face when she did it. Lol.><

Thoughts on Pericings?

Discover Seattle! / Okay, Im gonna ask it!
« on: Jan 24 09 08:56 »
Does anyone know what happened to Tenkani/Postmonkee?  I fiqured he just got sick of talking to me, but he's nowhere here.=(   Did he tell anyone he was leaving or did he just get sick of this site or something.?    lol. I know it was alonnnnnng time ago, but I was just curious.  

Discover Seattle! / Numberlogy anyone?
« on: Jan 22 09 05:34 »
So does anyone go for that stuff? If so what number are you?

Im 11 and thats a master number, therefore I am teh Master.  HURRAY!  

[span style="color: rgb(169, 74, 118);"][span style="color: rgb(255, 128, 191);"][span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127);"]So I just turned 20 and before my 20th birthday I have never drank. I mean I attempted to many times but it all tasted so vile I couldn't force myself to drink it, or if I did manage to swollow some I instantly threw it up. Anyways, all my friends mocked me for it, so on my birthday this year(which was also on New Years Day) My friends were over and nagggged and nagged me into attempting to drink again. Upon much effort and orange juice(upon which I now find disgusting) I actually managed to get drunk. It was fun, I was very happy and laughy, falling down everywhere and well very giddy. I was a fun/funny drunk. I remember saying" We should do this every week!" Then it happened.. I fell down(yet again) But this time I ended up breaking my foot.>< I had to be laied on the couch, anyways later on everyone eles went to bed but I opted to stay on the couch since my foot hurt too much to sleep. Then I sobered up and I finally knew the meaning"hang over" and why people complain so much.>< Sooo, the night went from me hoping to the bathroom, giving me a pounding headache, going to the couch to try and relax, starting to feel better but then having to go to the bathroom again, thus creating more of a headache(since I had to pee like every 15 minutes) and then the throw up started.So all in all I think I shall never drink again.Ever. Anyone eles have any drinking stories?[/span][/span]

Discover Seattle! / Advice please
« on: Jan 21 09 01:43 »
So I live in a very small, safe town in Newfoundland, but there isn't very many good colleges or schools here for what I want to get into, also not very many good paying jobs here. I found the perfect school to go to, but it's in a big city. I only just turned 20 and the thoughts of going to a big city alone freaks me out. I am worried about the crime and what not. I would love to have some advice about big citys, such as Seattle and about the crime and basic daily life. Is it a good place to live?

Discover Seattle! / I suck at computers.><
« on: Jun 02 08 04:10 »
[span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"]So yeah, I am trying to chang pictures on this damn thing and I don't know how.=C[/span][br style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"][span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"]I forget how I got the other one, but I am trying to put them on from photobucket and it doesn't seem to be working.[/span][br style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"][br style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"][span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"]Anyone wanna give me some advice? That would be pretty cool.[/span] [span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 127); font-style: italic;"][/span]


Discover Seattle! / What song are you listening to?
« on: Jul 06 07 10:54 »
I'm listening to "In the dark" By DJ Tiesto feat Christian Burns. It's a great song!^-^

Discover Seattle! / What music are you into lately?
« on: May 01 07 11:33 »
Some of my new obsessive songs!!

Frontline by Pillar

It don't matter by Akon

I need a hero by Frou Frou

Flip out like a ninja by 7 seconds of love

About a million songs by DDR, so catchy!! Heres a few songs by them



-Love love shine

-Dancing all alone

- Look at us now

-Mr.Wonderful, etc

-Dream a dream

I am also obsessed with alot of songs by Cascada right now. Here's a few



-Bad boy

-Can't stop the rain, etc

  I fear DDR and Cascada are taking over my mind with their catchy upbeat music.!=O

  What are other people listening to? Any new songs?    

Discover Seattle! / OMG! I totally wrote a poemy
« on: Apr 20 07 11:32 »
Roses are purple

Violets are blue

I'm made of awesome!!

  bahahahah THE END!!  I is a hyper butterfly!!....with a spork army...FEAR MEH!!

Discover Seattle! / Funney movie thingger!!
« on: Mar 20 07 11:43 »
[A href=""][/A]

    Click on watch movie.^^^^^^^^^^ batman!!

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