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Adam, you should follow the example of how all Good Times posts were deleted, instead of begging and whining here ad nauseam.

Discover Seattle! / Re: lol. i was banned at DV
« on: Apr 27 06 07:59 »
If they could ban anyone, or exercise any form of control over that place, they would've banned EED and stupidstar long time ago!

Discover Seattle! / Re: What was your last mistake?
« on: Apr 20 06 12:47 »
The last one I remember, and I think that was the worst, was to be born covered with all sorts of goo.

There I was, naked and screaming in terror, someone holds me upside down and slaps me on the butt!

How much worse than that can it get?

   I think you'll have one tough audience to convince there.

Discover Seattle! / Re: We're back!
« on: Apr 10 06 09:10 »
Wohoo! Madam Fulford will be happy!

Yo Adam... wassup with the spelling error in the title dude?

  Heaven forbid someone Googles your name and finds this post - imagine how much a misspelled title would tarnish your reputation as a writer... tsk, tsk bad boy.

I understood what #2 is saying!

  And he's right!  [img style="CURSOR: pointer" onclick=url(this.src); src="[/img]

Was that the first documented case of thread slaughter on DS? omg, omg...  

    [A onclick="addImg('icon/icon_smile_clown.gif')" href="jvascript:void(0)"][/A]

Trollio wrote:

You've said your piece and I accept that, but I would like to have my curiosity satisfied by someone about the "saga of DV".


How important is it for you to understand what's going on on DV? Will it make a difference in your life...? And how much time and energy are you prepared to invest into this pursuit of "DV enlightment"?

Lise is being half sarcastic, but she's also correct in saying that I'm one of the people who can tell what's up in that place...

At the simplest level you can read this very brief snapshot of the dynamics at work at DV: [A href=",44.msg460.html#msg460"],44.msg460.html#msg460[/A]

However, as you can see that says very little... For a more in depth view you need to go through this thread (clickable link): [A class=nav href=",34.0.html"][FONT color=#000000]How many of you here have fled from DV?[/FONT][/A]

It's a bit lengthy (15 pages) but covers the whole "saga" as you put it.

Skip the trolling attempts and occassional idle chatter, look at my exchanges with purelife, and especially with tenkani.


49er wrote:
I am surprised that this happened...........don't the Highway Patrol normally stop and ticket abandoned vehicles on highways/freeways?[/DIV]
Technically the car wasn't abandoned. There was a driver inside, albeit a dead one.

Ha ha, I saw those! That's not tenk - the real tenkani never capitalizes his name, this one does.

It's ∑∑D, who has also been posting (as well as posing) as "RCMP".

Quite a few people have complained about him, and his disrupting all the threads with the gigantic barcode image...

In a typical dysfunctional DV style, mods have responded by deleting the complaints themselves, but left ∑∑D and his posts alone - pretty much giving him the carte blanche to do whatever he pleases.

There's a rumor that ∑∑D himself might be a mod, but I'm very skeptical of this claim.  

Meh... was that a hacking attempt, or all you wanted to say by using all that space was a "period"?  [A onclick="addImg('icon/icon_smile_shy.gif')" href="jvascript:void(0)"][/A]

Now we know where the highway to Heaven is.  [A onclick="addImg('icon/icon_smile_cool.gif')" href="jvascript:void(0)"][/A]

Discover Seattle! / Sportsdude vs. TehBorken
« on: Mar 11 06 06:05 »
Which one of these dudes do you figure can copy and paste more news articles?  [A onclick="addImg('icon/icon_smile_clown.gif')" href="jvascript:void(0)"][/A]

Credit card is better anyway!  

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crazy games riddles and jokes funny pictures death psychic! mad trivia funny & odd! pregnancy test shape test win custody recipes