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Title: What should I do?
Post by: Sparkleface on Jan 25 09 02:34
Lately I have really been missing one of my x friends. It's strange for me because I never really missed this person before. I got into allllot of fights with this person and whenever we fought and I always refused to talk to her and ignored her. I never really missed her before though, I always thought"Her Loss" and "Im better off". It's strange because we haven't been actual friends for like 2 years. I never cared before but lately I find myself wanting to become friends alot. I don't know what to do. I'm sure she's moved on and is not into being friends again anyways, and I would never ever admit to her that I would be interested in talking again. In the past it was always her to come back and say something first, I would never be able to do that. Anyone eles have any similar stories/Advice?  After so long do you think anyone would be interested in becoming friends again?  
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: P.C. on Jan 25 09 02:43
  I guess you have to define exactly what it is you miss and if you really want that kind of friendship.  If  maintaining the relationship always required her to crawl back to you...maybe it's the loss of a little bit of power that you miss ?        
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: P.C. on Jan 25 09 02:44
Oops...sorry Sparkle....gotta run for a bit.  Be back later.
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: Sparkleface on Jan 25 09 03:00
Okay. Thanks P.C

It's not the power. I dunno. I only have a few close friends and I just recentlly keep thinking about all the good times. We had alot of similar interests you know. It's easy to think at the time I can just get new friends, but it's not as easy. It seems I can not find a friend the same. The friends I have I am different from them in alot of ways. I can't talk about alot of my interests with them because they don't want to hear about it. Like Im very much a girly girl and I love to have someone to talk girl things with, make-up, guys.IE stuff like that. BUt the friends I have are all not girly at all and don't like guys. I cant talk about stuff like that with them because they make fun of me. They hate the girly girl thing I guess and think wearing make up is bad and liking guys is shallow and just><  Seems I can never talk to them.-Sigh-

I wanna be friends with the other one...but I think she prolly changed...and I'd doubt she would want to be friends again and I could never make contact now, after all this time. Im sure she would laugh at me or something. I could just see her rubbing that in my face.....I dunno.><
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: purelife on Jan 25 09 04:30
I know how you're feeling sparkleface.  

I miss someone who was close in my life but after what this person did, I find it difficult to trust again.  I miss how things were years ago, but I know, it's never going to be the same again.  Sometimes, you just have to let it go and maybe one day, that person will hear me and turn around and see things differently.   It would hurt me too much to bring what we had back into life.  I'd rather protect myself than to go through sadness again.
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: P.C. on Jan 25 09 04:51
'Power' was probably too heavy handed of a word.  It just sounded like this friend brought you it was a little confusing.  I couldn't figure out what you would

  If you want this person back in your life, you should just swallow your pride, be brave and call her.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: Sportsdude on Jan 25 09 05:07
I had people(s) back in the day that gave me a ton of grief.  Only solution is to burn the bridge, burn the river and move on.

Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: Sparkleface on Jan 26 09 08:35
Purelife- Thanks. Yeah, i don't think things could ever be the same again too. It's been so long, Im sure she's changed and moved on. I guess Im just stuck on the past lately.

P.C- I don't think I would ever be brave enough to call her. I doubt she would even talk to me, we haven't talked for like 2 years. Maybe next time I run into her I may try saying hi or something and see her reaction to see. I don't run into her often though, we do live in the same city though.
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: Lil Me on Jan 26 09 08:43
You know, a friend of mine told me a similar story lately.
 She missed her "long lost" friend and sent her a birthday card.  Told her that she missed the friendship.
 Since then, they've been talking and starting to become good friends again :)
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: purelife on Jan 26 09 10:36
Mr PL also went through a similiar situation as you, Sparkleface.

  For the longest time, he and his best friend weren't talking because something happened where they never ended up talking again for many many many years.  Mr PL did something accidentally and his friend wasn't able to forgive him.  When I first met MrPL, he was terribly sad that he lost touch with his buddy and wished that he could be friends with him.  We even knocked on his front door but he wasn't at home.  Then one day, out of the blue, they bumped into each other at the skytrain about 3 years ago.  

  They have been the best of friends again ever since and all has been forgiven.
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: Sportsdude on Jan 26 09 10:50
 cool stories.

I won't ever 'make up' with people in the past. Its more of a Northern Ireland conflict. Ran into one of them on accident at a restaurant and they still had this look of 'you are an evil pagan' that they had at the end of high school after I got tired of the religious extremism and they literally couldn't sit next to me.  This 5 years out of high school.  

  I tried to hang out again with one of the people who were 'caught in the crossfire' called him up over the summer, but never really had anything to talk to him about and just sort of moved on, it was mutual.
Title: Re: What should I do?
Post by: Sparkleface on Jan 26 09 01:39
Thanks for all the halp guys.^__^ Me and this other person also got into some fights where we would not talk for over a year and then become friends again.D:  Those other stories about people getting back with their old friends are hopeful.=)

Actually, my old BFF used to come on this site for awhile too. We used to act like morons togeather.=) Anyone remember? My old username was Yuki and hers was, well you should easily know.=) eheh. I was actually thinking maybe she would come back to this site....BUt now it looks unlikely.>< haha. probally good, I wouldnt want her seeing these posts. I always wonder everytime we fight and I get mad and end communication if that will be the time she gets bored of me.=( I wanna talk to her....but whats if she doesn't wanna be friends anymore like I thinks.=< Then I'll feel like a fool...Well more so. ha.=)^^^^^