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Title: Where the buffalo roam...
Post by: perpetual on Mar 13 06 06:18
This is so cool, at least for see the buffalo return to the prairies...

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[DIV class=story][H1][DIV class=story][H1]Bison to roam free in Saskatchewan park[/H1][FONT color=#000000][FONT face="Arial Narrow"][FONT size=3][SPAN class=byline]Last Updated Mon, 13 Mar 2006 10:44:09 EST[/SPAN] [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][DIV class=text][A href=""][FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]CBC News[/FONT][/A][/DIV][DIV class=text][FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]A herd of plains bison from Alberta will be released within weeks in Saskatchewan to roam free in a national park. [/FONT][FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]Seventy bison from Elk Island National Park, about 45 kilometres east of Edmonton, were shipped to Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan before Christmas. [/FONT]

[TABLE cellSpacing=4 cellPadding=0 width=220 align=right hspace="4"][TBODY][TR][TD align=middle][FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000][img height=279 hspace=3 src="" width=220 border=0] [/FONT][/TD][/TR][TR][TD align=middle][DIV class=caption][FONT color=#000000][FONT face="Arial Narrow"]Plains bison are the largest land mammals in North America. (CP Photo/Jeff McIntosh) [/FONT][/FONT][/DIV][/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE][FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]Since then, the animals, the largest land mammals in North America, have been exploring their new surroundings in a 16-hectare holding facility. [/FONT]

[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]Parks Canada officials say they will be let loose within weeks in a 11,000-hectare chunk of the Grasslands park. [/FONT]

[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]The Saskatchewan park, which is located near the Saskatchewan-Montana border, is one of biggest areas of undisturbed mixed prairie grassland habitat left in the country. [/FONT]

[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]Once numbering in the millions, plains bison were hunted to near-extinction in the late 1800s. [/FONT]

[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#000000 size=3]More than 250,000 plains bison now live on commercial ranches in Canada, but only about 750 of the animals live in their natural setting, mostly in national parks in Alberta and Saskatchewan. [/FONT]

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