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Title: IBM dumps Microsoft for Linux
Post by: TehBorken on Mar 08 06 09:53
This is probably only of interest to a few here,'s the future comin' at ya.
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[font color="#111133" face="arial" size="+1"]IBM will not use Windows Vista - but will move to Linux desktops
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[/font][/div][div][font color="#666699" size="2"]William Henning[/font][font color="#666699" size="2"] -  Monday, March 6th, 2006 | 1:13PM (PST)[/font][!-- Replaced storybody --]
[font color="#443344"]IBM switching to Linux destops inGermany according to a Linux Forum 2006 presentation by their head of open source and Linux sales in Germany.[/font][!-- Replaced story_productbox --][/p][font face="arial" size="2"]Interesting news from Linux Forum 2006[/font][/p][font face="arial" size="2"]During a presentation on IBM's involvement with Open Source, Andreas Pleschek from IBM in Stuttgart, Germany, who heads open source and Linux technical sales across North East Europe for IBM made a very interesting statement...[/font][/p][blockquote dir="ltr" style="margin-right: 0px;"][font face="arial" size="2"][em]"AndreasPleschek also told that IBM has cancelled their contract with Microsoft as of October this year. That means that IBM will not use Windows Vista for their desktops. Beginning from July, IBM employees will begin using IBM Workplace on their new, Red Hat-based platform. Not all at once - some will keep using their present Windows versions for a while. But none will up grade to Vista."[/em][/font][/p][/blockquote][p dir="ltr"][font face="arial" size="2"]The question is, does this only apply to IBM in Germany, or IBM world wide?[/font][/p][p dir="ltr"][font face="arial" size="2"]If ALL of IBM switches to Linux desktops and OpenOffice... that would be a very significant loss to Microsoft; not only in direct licensing revenues, but also in speeding adoption of Linux by other companies. After all, if IBM can run on Linux desktops...[/font][/p]