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Title: CIA Secretly Reclassifying Documents
Post by: TRUTH on Feb 21 06 08:06
Your Tax Dollars At Work....

The New York Times is reporting that [a href=""]the CIA is secretly reclassfying documents.[/a] How did we catch on? Historians have some of the documents.

From the article: "eight [of the] reclassified documents had been previously published in the State Department's history series, 'Foreign Relations of the United States.'"

Are our intelligence agencies rewriting history, stupidly paranoid, or both? We do know that they are ignoring a 2003 law that requires formal reclassifications.

It puts that whole [a href=""]Google censorship thing[/a] in a whole new light. (Americans aren't allowed to see that video.)

[a href=""]Link To Full Story[/a]