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Discover Seattle! / OMG I'm going to have a GIRL!!
« on: Nov 22 11 10:30 »
I am just over the moon that we're having a girl!  Found out yesterday at my ultrasound.
Oh, and we also found a new place to move to.  It's 3 bedrooms and verrrry spacious.  We're moving in Dec.  I am sooo happy and relieved to have a new place to call home.  I feel less stressed and this huge weight off my shoulders.
I find that this time around, I have no time to think about baby as days seem to go by very quickly!  :)

Discover Seattle! / IT'S A BOY!!!
« on: Aug 03 09 05:55 »
 We're so excited.  3 more months to go.  

This lil guy has cute chubby cheeks, lips and lots of hair already!  Here's his best 3D shot.


Discover Seattle! / I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!
« on: Nov 05 08 04:21 »
I am SO HAPPY right now.[/div][div] [/div]

Discover Seattle! / New Logo Design for Tropicana
« on: Oct 30 08 08:15 »
I didn't know that Tropicana was partly owned by Pepsi.....

  They have redesigned the logo for Tropicana.

  Here's the new:

  and here's the old:


  Which one do you like and what do you think? juice!  :)

Discover Seattle! / Past Jobs
« on: Sep 18 08 01:59 »
What were some of your past jobs?  Places you have worked for?  Your responsibilities?  Why you left?  Volunteered or paid.

Discover Seattle! / Interesting Craigslist Ads
« on: Sep 08 08 03:16 »
See anything interesting.  Post it here.

Here is an interesting one...

   [H2]Free Pregnancy Test (Never been peed on) (Vancouver near UBC)[/H2]
Reply to: [A href=""][/A] [[A title="How do I reply?" href="" target=_blank]?[/A]]
Date: 2008-09-08, 1:53PM PDT

 [DIV id=userbody]So, a while back, I purchased one of those two-pack First Response pregnancy tests. The first test I peed on popped positive, so I did the second one the next day. Again positive. Not quite convinced, Juno styles, I purchased a second two-pack and shockingly the next test I did was also positive. By this time, I was pretty sure of my knocked-uppedness and didn't do the fourth test.

While cleaning out a drawer this week, I found this final test. I don't need it, as I now have a seven month old baby and will never let my husband touch my vagina ever again.

So, if you think you may be pregnant, and want to save your self some money, you can have the test. You can even use my bathroom, which is a far cry nicer than the public restroom I used for my first pregnancy test. I'll even put out a clean towel, light a scented candle and make sure there is three-ply toilet paper on the roll. Seeing as I've seen three positive pregnancy tests, I think I'm pretty good at interpreting them, and can help you if you're unsure if the test is positive or negative. In fact, if you use my bathroom and the test is positive, I can either be really happy with you and give you enthusiastic congratulations, or give you a paper bag if you start hyperventilating and rub your back while you cry. I'm really good at both.

When you're here, you can see two babies at different stages of development (my friend and her three month old baby live with me) so that you can sort of see what you're in for and how messy your house will get after your baby is born. I can also give you a list of the best pregnancy books to read, and which ones to avoid. I can also give you a list of good care providers to see during your pregnancy. Trust me, the drug store won't be nearly this nice to you.

Email and we can set up a time for you to come by. [/DIV]

Discover Seattle! / The "I Am Waiting" thread
« on: Jul 29 08 11:04 »
Here, we talk about what you are currently waiting for.  

  Here's mine:

  I am waiting for my contact lenses to arrive.  It'll take two weeks, usual time is 3 days but they're backlogged.

Discover Seattle! / test
« on: Jul 24 08 12:14 »

Discover Seattle! / Turtle Love
« on: Jul 24 08 09:40 »
This is so sad.  It was on CNN last night.  Here's the clip.

  [A href=""][/A]  

Discover Seattle! / Lost and Found
« on: Jun 05 08 10:48 »
What were some possessions that you have lost and some things you have found?

  (I hope we don't have this topic...apologies if we do...)

I didn't want to hi-jack Lil Me's thread on Mother's Day celebrations.

  Here was SD's question about chinese framed art:

  Anything really. Yeah its from mom.
Something that's framed lettering would be fine.

  SD - I saw some chinese letter or framed art/pictures recently in Home Sense/Winners and Linens and Things.  I've never checked Chinatown (which could be an obvious place) so, you could check there in the stores.  I think they sell bamboo scrolls with chiense letterings on it with some sort of scenery pic.  Very pretty!  Heck, I need to find these too for my place.  


Discover Seattle! / stories about child disasters
« on: Apr 23 08 09:42 »
Have you ever just turned away for one split second to find that your baby/child has done something horrible?  ie, fall, jump off the balcony, destroyed your wall with crayons etc  This could be when you were babysitting or when you were a baby/child.

  Any stories out there?

  I remember once when I was babysitting, I just turned away from the baby to throw the diaper away.  She somehow rolled off the bed onto the ground with a loud klunk.  OMG, I was freaked and the mother rushed all the way up.  I'm surprised I didn't get fired..  I was only 14 or something like that.

I'll post a pic of a movie scene or title (without the movie title) and hopefully someone can guess it.

  The person who guesses it correctly can post another movie for all to guess.  

  [img height=213 src="" width=308]

Tomorrow it's Pay It Forward Day.  If anyone hasn't seen this movie (with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey), you must see it to fully understand this, if you wish.  It's one of my all time favorite.

  The object of this day is to do between one and three good deeds for others without asking for anything in return and hope that the recipient will do the same for someone else thus "pay it forward."

  Some ideas could be:

- buying a bus ticket for a stranger

- give flowers to a sick person in hospital

- donating money to your favorite charity

- offering a homeless person some food vouchers...

  One deed might not seem like much, but if you guys and everyone else did something good for someone else, then the cycle of generosity and kindness can spark us to become better people.  

  I actually like to top up people's car toll for parking.  If I notice a metre that has expired, I just pop in a few quarters to add some more time.  It's just a nice thing to do. :)

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 [A href=""][/A]


Discover Seattle! / Vacuum cleaners
« on: Mar 28 08 11:18 »
Do you guys prefer the upright or the canister?

  Oh, and how many AMPS is good?  12, 14?  I don't want to spend so much on one and there are way too many to chose from these days.  

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