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Discover Seattle! / Life after death.
« on: Sep 26 12 11:50 »
Today I was called to come in to the Doctors office. You may ask when getting a phone call to come in and see your Physician is a good thing. Well when your doctor calls you and E-mails you herself to come in. It is not for good news. Sadly, I found out that my liver has decided to pack it in. Right now my health is pretty bad and  has been getting worse for the past month. Starting, today I will be doing weekly blood tests once more to monitor the situation.

Should things get worse it will be another stay in the hospital. Mind there is not much they can do except ease the pain and help me in passing from this life in to the next. Even if it is at the cost to ones own dignity. But that is one thing that wont happen again. Not if I can help it, but things are out of my hands. I wish they had a reason for the liver failure but they never did so it makes things that much harder for me.

If I am going to die, I am going to die at home! mind that's only if things get worse. I will not die in a hospital bed. I will stay at one if they can help me and possibly heal me. However they never knew what caused my liver failure the The first time in 2008 or the Second time in 2009. So I doubt they will have any answers for me this time. If it ends up being another extended hospital stay I think I would rather spend it at home in comfort instead.

Everything is now out of my Hands. I have no control over liver failure. I can only live or die taking things one day at a time. No one wants to die but I am ready if I should. It once again looks like I might find out what happens next sooner than I had planned. If I don't make it, it has been great knowing you all.

Peace be with you today. tomorrow and always. May you all always have peace in your hearts, minds and lives.
That Fat Bastard

Discover Seattle! / Seafood Fajitas
« on: Jul 09 12 05:49 »
 Seafood Fajitas are a wonderful treat & they are great for family gatherings. You can easily adjust the amount of ingredients for the number of people you will need to feed & you can adjust the amount of spice that is added.

The basic rule as I understand it is between 4 to 6 ounces of meat per person and 4 tortilla wraps per person. As for the rest of the volume that's up to the people & the sides you place out for them to add . The recipe I provided will easily feed 4-6 people.  Even more if you double the ingredients list.

Fajitas are a reasonably healthy choice for your family & Providing all the ingredients you buy are fresh while being cooked with very little oil. For a healthy choice to this dish,  buy all the ingredients fresh from one of the china town seafood stores as for veggies I pick them up at sunrise market for cheap I often use olive oil to cook with.

If you don't like Hash Browns you can easily substitute them with 4-6 cups of steamed Jasmin rice instead

The Ingredients & items you will need

2 frying pans
16 fajitas wraps

1 large red pepper
1 large green pepper
clean them by removing all seeds wash & rinse then prepare them by then slicing them into thin long strips

1 medium shallot
1 medium onion
washed & peel them then to prepare them by slice them into long thin pieces

3 cups dehydrated hash browns

I use Golden Grill Myself.  Once re-hydrated they will make approximately 5 cups of hash browns.

If using Fresh Potatoes you will need to peel them & boil them until they are semi tender plus you will need to have enough fresh potatoes to fill approximately 6 cups of them once shredded in to hash browns

You will need to rehydrate the 3 cups of dehydrated hash browns about 20 minutes prior to your cooking them. To quickly re-hydrate the dehydrated hash browns Pour boiling water on them till it just covers the top of the hash browns. Cover & let sit on the counter to rehydrate (it should take 15-20 minutes)

2 Can's Smoked Muscles

Make sure you get the ones packed in oil & not brine. Save the oil from the Smoked Muscles to grease your frying pan.

2 Cans packed in water Oysters

Drain and rinse your oysters. (make sure you don't buy the ones packed in oil or brine)

Place oysters and muscles in a cup of iced water to soak for 5 minutes prior to cooking, then Drain the muscles & oysters through a sieve.

You should have 3 table spoons of a orange fat & oil from the smoked muscles. If you don't have at least 3 table spoons worth top up with Canola oil. Some people like Olive oil but for myself I prefer to use some pork fat that I save from whenever I cook pork belly. If you don't have the pork fat or oil mentioned then pretty much any cooking oil will do.

In one pan Cook your shallots onions & peppers in 15 ml of oil till they are tender now Add your oysters & muscles & Fajitas sauce.

I use 1 packet of Western Family 35 Gram Fajitas Seasoning Mix mixed with 50 ml or a 1/4 a cup of water

 Let  the muscles oysters & vegetables simmer for 4-6 minutes Your veggies should be very tender & all the orange fat on the muscles will have finished melting & be mixed into the Fajitas sauce.
 While that is simmering

You should be on your stove with the other frying pan which should have added to it those the 3 tablespoons of saved muscle oil add 1 drop of water to test it. If the oil spits and hisses like a enraged snake it is now hot enough to add your hash browns

Frying the hash browns will take all of 6 to 8 minutes, when the edges of the hash browns turn a nice dark golden colour they are done.
Remove both items from heat

place hash browns on a large plate & top them with your Fajitas sauce consisting of your veggies muscles & oysters.  You can serve directly as is dividing it up to 4 large plates or 6 small plates with a couple of Fajita wraps on each plate

I like to Fluff & Mix the fajitas sauce mix with the hash browns using a couple of forks then I place into the center of 12 soft Fajitas wraps a few table spoons of the mix into each Fajitas wrap.

I like to serve them on the plates opened up & served with the following sides in the center of the table for others to add as they please

1 side of Diced tomatoes (I like Hunt's Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic & Oregano)
1 side of Shredded lettuce (Personnel preference is Vancouver's Leafy Lettuce)
1 bottle of Louisiana hot sauce  (great for flavor plus it's a mild heat so pretty much everybody can enjoy it)
1 bottle of Tabasco sauce Great for a ton of heat perfect for those who like it spicy hot
1 side of sour cream (My Personnel preference is to use Garlic ranch)
1 side of mixed Black Beans
1 Side of Corn Niblets
1 side of Shredded Armstrong cheddar cheese (Medium).   

Done this way those you can easily serve 6-10 people

Or it will make 1 for dinner today, 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner tomorrow with a whole lot left over for the freezer which can be taken out & reheated via the Microwave whenever one is hungry & does not want to spend any time cooking something.

You can replace the oysters and Muscles with Chicken, beef or Pork. or with any thing else you please. 

I love using Salmon & Shrimp  or better yet is fresh red snapper and tiger prawns

Discover Seattle! / Tasteless Jokes & songs
« on: Jun 15 12 02:56 »
Have a Flaming Screaming Yultide Sung To the tune of "Have a holly, jolly Christmas"
Have a flaming, screaming Yuletide,
It's the best time of the year
For all to know
That you're Ho-mo
And happy to be Queer.
Have a flaming, screaming Yuletide
 And as you walk down the street
 Say "Hello"
 To Dykes you know
 And every Fag you meet.

Ho! Ho! If you're Homo
Let everyone see!
Come out of the closet now,
Flaunt it publicly!
Have a flaming screaming Yuletide
And in case you didn't hear:
Come on, Mary, have a
Flaming, screaming Yuletide this year!

Best and worst joke/song i've seen this year.. I am still laughing after reading it a short time ago. I hope you all find it as funny & tasteless as I did.

Discover Seattle! / inserting youtube video failure
« on: Dec 10 11 12:42 »
So what is the proper BBC Format for inserting youtube videos on to this forum sometimes it works fine and I see the videos I wanted to post while at other times it doesn't work for shit so all I end up seeing is the damned Url Link

Another question why is there no youtube Icon for quick posting these youtube links

One would also think they could find instruction about it in the the BBC help section but its not listed there either.

Merry Christmas Everyone

This is, Sean Quigley. Playing a rocked out version of The Little Drummer Boy

Discover Seattle! / Reward For Lost Ring
« on: Nov 19 11 03:00 »
Reward for Lost Ring

Lost In Vancouver either On a bus or while cycling along a Bike lane on Tuesday November 15

If you have found this ring or know of somebody that has found it. Please contact me as soon as possible. The Sentimental value of this 10K Gold Wedding Band is not measurable in mere dollars and cents it is priceless to me because it is irreplaceable.  This one plain simple ring means more to me & holds more value than anything else I own

It will have been a gift and a representation of a promise. That was made 19 years ago this February.

All right I can not get Firefox and the spell checker to work on this new looking forum and it is pissing me off all my spelling mistakes are showing up us underlined in red, but I have no option to right click and replace them with correct words.  There is also no cut and paste feature  on here any more

So what the f*ck has happened to all the right click features TehBorken ?

I love all the new shit that's been added  some of it is pretty cool but I am very picky about my spelling and I spell atrociosly < spelled wrong but I have no way of knowing where it is spelled wrong cause I have no option to select the correct spelled version of it.

I need my spell-checker I also liked the now missing cut and paste feature

So is there any plan to fix those missing features ?

 Just when you thought the idiots in charge of what airs on the TV could not do anything worse they go and do this...

Oh dear. Just how wrong can you get something? Time Warner Cable are currently ruing the fact that they made a mistake so bad that they might, blush themselves to death. You see, they’re currently apologising, profusely after viewers of two children’s channels in North Carolina, were accidentally shown Playboy Channel previews featuring naked women, in explicit conversations.

[a href=""]Pornography shown on Time Warner's Kids TV channels.[/a]

Click the link to see the full story.

Discover Seattle! / Lolz Funny Commercials
« on: Aug 20 11 08:03 »
[A href=""]A Day In New York[/A]


 I Found that to be very amusing I hope you found it to be amusing as well.

Discover Seattle! / Way To Criggen Fute
« on: Jul 12 11 02:46 »

[img]/forums/richedit/upload/2ka03ed71d24.jpg" border="0"]

[a href=""]Way to Cute[/a]

[img]richedit/upload/2k7202f0f123.jpg" border="0"]

[a href=""]Mom Hugs Kitten 4 Cuteness Overload[/a]

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Discover Seattle! / CBC & Firefox not working right
« on: Jun 08 11 05:03 »
 For some reason I can not get Videos to work on Firefox Or Internet explorer
the video never loads with the Firefox browser it just freezes &amp; I have to use the Close function in task-manger to kill it.

With Internet Explorer it loads the Live video shows the 10 to 20 second add then it reboots the browser &amp; instead of connecting it does this over &amp; over until the webpage crashes and Internet Explorer will then shows a error page.

I Installed Google &amp; I am watching the live video game stream with no problems what so ever..

Just what could be causing the errors with My Firefox and IE browsers it must be some add on that is incompatible with the adobe flash program or perhaps it is some codex that's causing the issues but I can not figure out just what is causing those compatibility problems, I did try the classic uninstalling of the Firefox  IE browsers &amp; then did the reinstall of them. However it did not seem to help any.

So If any one else has some ideas on what i should try next, well I am listening.

Firefox is my preferred browser but if I can not use it to watch my TV shows anymore, I will use what ever works.. I need my hockey fix &amp; them damn bruins are up 1 nothing. Those flaming douche-bags a lucky break and scored about 16 minutes into the first period that damned Canuck's defense man was busy picking his nose...Well he wasn't really picking his nose but they where playing loose &amp; the bruins chipped it right past them skated in and boom they scored.

Needless to say there was probably ahell of a lot of Canuck's fans swearing at the TV at this time. I know I sure was.

Discover Seattle! / Do You Feel Lucky?
« on: May 07 11 10:07 »
Do you Feel Lucky?

[a href=""]Did you ever think God was trying to tell you something ? [/a]

Holy Cow Mother Mary Jumping Jesus &amp; all the saints above Get me to the nearest hospital and a ticket for all the local lotteries from the nearest lottery retailer for today's draw


Safe For work but a little loud so maybe turn your speakers down before opening it.

[a href=""]SportsDude best Kept Secret revealed[/a]

Links are safe for work but you may want to turn the volume down a bit before opening  them.

[a href=""]Monkey Business. impressive or exploitative &amp; disgusting you decide[/a]

[a href=""]What Kind of teaching toy is that. Just what the hell where they thinking. [/a]

I am not sure on whether I should laugh or cry.. I am impressed and disgusted simultaneously


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