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Title: Forum Tips and Info - Please Read
Post by: Admin on Jul 08 06 03:29
A few tips/suggestions:
Easy navigating:
Click the ( ( icon to go to the newest posts in a thread (must be logged in). To go to the very last post in a thread, click the ( (  icon on the far right of the screen.

Error messages:

When posting a picture with no accompanying text you may receive an error message that says "The message body was left empty." Just put a space or period (or any character) in the post to make the board accept it.
After you've registered and made 10 posts, the karma 'bless' and 'smite' links will appear below other registered user's names.  You can bless or smite each user once per hour. The time limit is just there to prevent someone from smiting you over and over in a short period of time.

Posting News Articles:
To avoid copyright issues or violations, please post just a portion (or portions) of  any article, and include a link back to the original article with the words "Full Story:" in front of it.

Uploading Images
For your security we run extensive checks on uploaded images. Some images may not pass these tests and therefore may not upload. If this occurs when you upload an image, try resizing or cropping it slightly and then saving it. This usually allows the image to be uploaded. If not, please let us know through our contact form (