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Discover Seattle! / Re: Ben Carson....seriously?
« on: Aug 16 15 04:36 »
No, I think Donald Trump might still run as a third-party candidate. In that case, he would practically hand the Oval Office to the Democrats on a silver platter. You still get many Republicans who would flatly refuse to vote for a black man, period. But the percentage of those is smaller than in the past. Trust me, Ben Carson is even more serious a candidate than Showman Trump.

Sounds like bullshit to me. Buzzword-laden bullshit.

Have you ever tried it? Don't just write something off before investigating it.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Deep Thoughts
« on: Aug 13 15 12:52 »
A new slant on shotgun weddings.

LOL! Cute pun.

In the future, holistic healing will modify western medicine and blend into it like a stream merging with a large river. Already, reiki is being used in hospitals. Dolores Krieger invented therapeutic touch which, ironically, is non-touching application of energy. Johrei is strictly non-touching. It was begun in Japan by Mokichi Okada, lovingly known as Meishu Sama by his followers.

Once dismissed as mumbo-jumbo, holistic healing is increasingly being given a try by more and more people in the United States and canada.

This is all very welcome news, because traditionally, orthodox Christianity in the United States has nurtured racism, sexism, homophobia and rigid attitudes. We need more freethinkers.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Flying Pig
« on: Aug 13 15 12:26 »
Nah. That pig flew to Afghanistan and annoyed the hell out of the Taliban, who consider it unclean. God bless America.

Discover Seattle! / Re: The Battle for my Land
« on: Aug 13 15 12:25 »
Greetings, as we 'celebrate' another year of Thanksgiving, as known as the slaughter of my people by the white man, I feel we must understand just exactly what this holiday stands for. My people, we taught you how to live off the land and how did you repay us? You took our land, our lives, our children. Anything that you could get your greedy white hands on, you took. It wasn't yours to take. I ask that everyone think about this as you spend the day with your family and loved ones. I ask that if you have any bit of dignity in you, that you will help me and my people reclaim what was so wrongfully taken from us.

Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe

If it is any consolation to you, Chief Wakanakan, the shoe is on the other foot today. White people will be a minority in another twenty years or so. We have already had a black president. Native Americans are making mucho dinero from their casinos. I'm sorry about your history, but people alive today never did those things.

The funny thing is that over the last four decades the two countries have become more like each other used to be. America has become more tolerant and multicultural whereas Canada has developed racial problems and violent crime problems once unthinkable north of our border.

Canada has many good qualities. I am not knocking Canada. However, differences between the two countries are more blurred and less cut-and-dry than they were in the 1960's or early 1970's.

Everyone compares us negatively to Canadians, portraying them as paragons of considerate and polite behavior whereas the United States is supposed to be Canada's bad boy twin. In real life there is some truth to that. But in the blogosphere, guess what?

On Canadian forums poster malign, spew vulgarity, attack other posters personally and racially, and do all kinds of shameless things. On US forums, by comparison, conduct is generally more mature even if not always more friendly.

What gives? Is it because the mods on US forums are generally not so laissez-faire?

The poster has his First Amendment right to mock what others might believe in. But neither is he any appellate court to me. My only concern is to protect the right of all citizens not to have the beliefs of others shoved down their throats.

Normally, I am fighting off evangelicals or Jehovah's Witnesses, bluntly telling them that all their biblical fairy tales are basically hogwash. But recently I found an unusual situation defending the right of Christian parents not to have my own beliefs slipped like a mickey to them. Some school district in California put yoga on the curriculum.

Now if it is physical yoga and exercise, no problem. That can be totally divorced from its Hindu or Buddhist roots. But if they teach meditation....ah! That could violate church-state separation. I support Christian parents who object to that on the curriculum.

Lets all cheer for God's Master Plan in action: 
 Isn't it wonderful?

I believe that we live many, many lives and suffering or misfortune is payback for wrongs we did to other people in previous incarnations. Now people can ridicule my belief all they want, and in matters of faith or theology there is no proving or disproving anything conclusively. But if you hold up this poor child's suffering to say that God is a big fat lie, sorry. I don't believe that. I consider her suffering evidence for not atheism but KARMA.

LMAO this is so wrong i dont know where to i won't

Anybody who seriously believes that is living in a dream world. Some of the most horrible racists are of African descent.

I always defend moderate Muslims and Arab-Americans against bigotry. But I recently offended a headstrong Arab-American woman on Facebook by saying India and Israel have too many Muslims. What I meant was that they have every right to protect their Jewish and their Hindu identities. She posts extremist comments like calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "a mass murderer." Not a word about all the rockets coming into Israel, killing people.

The reason she is so angry with me is because I mentioned all the crimes Muslims committed in the past against my Hindu ancestors. I also pointed out that many Arabs are very racist against black people. In Lebanon or Morocco, Arabs sometimes taunt blacks in the street with the slur "abeed!abeed!" Abeed literally means slaves in Arabic, but colloquially it is used to mean the African race. Arabs took more slaves out of Africa than whites did. But we only hear about the sins of Big Bad Honky, right?

We should embrace law-abiding fellow citizens who want to be good Americans in the street and good Muslims in the mosque. But those who romanticize backward societies while villanizing either America or her allies should go live there.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Thatcher
« on: Apr 21 13 04:51 »
She was one of the best things that happened to the UK. She led it out of complete catastrophe.. they need someone like that there again now.

I'm somewhere in the middle between the Maggie-lovers and the Maggie-haters. Her reactionary and Tory values are not my cup of tea. I was there in the mid-1970's. The mood and condition in Britain were analogous to those of demoralized Weimar Germany shortly before Hitler used the Great Depression to come to power.

Had the Iron Lady not done the triage and reinforcing that she did, Britain would have gone to communism, Neo-Nazism or military seizure of power. Two things saved Britain's ass. Maggie, and the money from the discovery of North Sea oil.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Worst Mods Ever
« on: Apr 04 13 12:05 »
My beef is against mods who criticize you for bumping old threads. What is wrong with doing that? Actually, I think it's a good idea to recycle old debates. It's like revision in a classroom. Old issues can now be handled in a new light due to changes and experiences since they were last visited.

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