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Discover Seattle! / Get Out and Vote!!!!
« on: Nov 04 08 09:01 »
Hi again all!

I know you've all heard it to death by now but... all Yanks need to make sure to cast a ballot today!!!!

The republican nasties will be out in force rigging vote machines, challenging voters, etc. We need to simply overwhelm them with numbers!

And If you're not doing anything else get out and volunteer. I'm volunteering for Obama today and, frankly, I'm scared stupid 'cuz I hate to actually talk to people. But it must be done!

Discover Seattle! / Bullfight Madness!
« on: Nov 29 06 08:47 »
This is completely nuts. You couldn't pay me enough to be the first guy in that line. Or the guy grabbing it's tail.
[a href=""][/a]

New Line Cinemas in their infinite wisdom has decided to go ahead on "The Hobbit" without Peter Jackson?!?!?!? Foolish mortals! M'man Igor puts it best:


Discover Seattle! / It's a holy vision!
« on: Nov 22 06 10:01 »
It's a miracle. An image of Jesus has appeared to warn us of the end. *snicker*
[a href=""][/a]

Discover Seattle! / Funny Bush pics
« on: Oct 28 06 07:19 »
I used to love this thread on DV. Let's do it again here. I'll start.
[img style="width: 611px; height: 391px;" src=""]

Discover Seattle! / To sell, or not to sell...
« on: Aug 25 06 07:50 »
My baby...

I'm in a bit of a quandry and thought I'd solicit opinions from you all.
I had some stoopid idiot nearly killed me yesterday changing into my lane and didn't see me (do your head checks folks!). And that's the second time this month that's happened. Now I'm starting to get worried, since one is practically invisible on a motorcycle I figure it's just a matter of time until someone finally makes contact with me. Plus I've never been in any kind of traffic accident in more than 20 years of driving, so that either means I'm lucky, a safe rider/driver, or I'm due for one.
So I'm tripping out here. I loooove my scooter but I also have a family to look after, and I like breathing. It's also not helped by a recent newspaper article detailing the death of a motorcycle safety instructor from an accident that would've been merely a fender-bender in a car. The article went on to dish out those statististcs that you're more likely to die in a motorcycle accident, etc.
But man, I really love my scooter. What do y'all think?

Discover Seattle! / How do you picture numbers?
« on: Aug 08 06 08:00 »
My wife (an obsessed math geek) is curious to know.  

The most godawful thing you've seen in a while...
[a href=""][/a]

Discover Seattle! / Transformers teaser trailer!
« on: Jul 06 06 09:01 »
A live action Transformers movie! This could be cool.
The trailer is the very definition of a "teaser" though.
[a href=""][/a]

Discover Seattle! / Giraffes don't exist
« on: Jul 04 06 10:23 »
And now we have compelling proof....
[a href=""][/a]
The scary thing is, I've been caught in debates with people who use this kind of logic.
Good for a laugh!

Discover Seattle! / What is your super power?
« on: Jul 04 06 08:01 »
If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?  

Discover Seattle! / Bush sings U2
« on: Jul 03 06 11:03 »
Here is teh funny link,
[a href=""][/a]
Good for a laugh if you can stand to look at bushes' mug for 3 or 4 minutes.


Discover Seattle! / Your first one...
« on: Jun 30 06 06:35 »
What was the first record/cassette/CD you went out and bought with your own money like a big kid?
What was your first concert (you know, real concert)?
Any funny stories atttached? Still like the band?

I'm gobsmacked that a genius show like Trailer Park Boys cannot be found on any cable channel in the US, when it is so popular in Canada. I think the humor must be too sophisticated for Americans, they don't like to have to think when they laugh (or look too closely in the mirror).
Isn't that funny that a comedy show about a trailer park goes over the heads of Americans?
At least there's YouTube to feed my jones until my DVD's arrive. Here's one of my favorite bits.
[a href=""][/a]
Any other fans oot there?

Discover Seattle! / OMG I Love Vancouver!
« on: Jun 15 06 11:22 »
I just got back from five great days in my favorite city and I already miss it. What a cool city! There is always something going on, a beautiful cityscape with a lot of interesting architecture, gorgeous landscape, I could go on and on.
Things I liked:
-Vancouver Aquarium
-Chinese Gardens
-being someplace where the World Cup is a big deal
-New Amsterdam Cafe
-beautiful women everywhere
-hearing many different languages spoken by passers-by
-all those cool sculptures along the waterfront

Things I could do without in Vancouver:
-tweakers, meth and crack heads, and sketchy characters
-a**hole drivers
-expensive expensive expensive (except teh herb)
-Stephen Harper's rising popularity in Canada

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