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Discover Seattle! / Snow Warning
« on: Apr 23 09 08:06 »
Just kidding.  But this time last year, there was 2 feet of snow in Nanaimo.  I don't recall getting it here, although we might have.  I just don't remember.

Discover Seattle! / Happy Easter
« on: Apr 12 09 07:25 »
[FONT color=#80ff00][FONT size=5]                     Happy Easter Everybunny ![/FONT]  [/FONT]

[FONT size=2]                                                            [/FONT][FONT size=1]      .....or what's left of us : ([/FONT]

[FONT size=2][/FONT]

[img class=media id=fullSizedImage style="WIDTH: 595px; HEIGHT: 400px" alt="bunnies.jpg bunnies in cup image by GERAH7" src="" GALLERYIMG="no"]

Discover Seattle! / Canada Post
« on: Apr 03 09 03:43 »
What the !!!!!!   Just came back from the post office....where I mailed two parcels.  One was a teeny weeny package (a necklace) and the other somewhat larger, but not what I call large.  (a few books and some Easter goodies)  

  She weighed the teeny weeny parcel.....$9.63 to mail this.  I asked her if she was mental and she said 'No, but she wonders about Canada Post'.  Well now I'm worried what the big parcel is going to was $9.00.  What the hellllllllllll !

Discover Seattle! / Requests for share of will
« on: Apr 02 09 03:37 »
 [P align=left][FONT face=Arial]I am an animal lover.  I donate to the SPCA and adopt pets instead of funding breeders and pet stores.[/FONT]

 [P align=left][FONT face=Arial]  But there's something about this commercial that's airing these days that for some reason is just a little off to me.  It's the one where they request you leave something in your will to the SPCA.  Don't get me wrong...I'm not suggesting it's a bad's the asking I suppose.  It just seems so wrong.[/FONT]

 [P align=left][FONT face=Arial][/FONT]Is this 'wrong' or in poor taste ?

 [P align=left][FONT face=Arial size=2][/FONT]

 [P align=left] [P align=left][FONT face=Arial size=2][/FONT]



Discover Seattle! / UBC Parking ticket anyone ?
« on: Mar 31 09 07:49 »
[FONT size=4]Judge finds UBC parking fines illegal, orders more than $4 million to be paid back[/FONT]

[FONT size=4][/FONT]

VANCOUVER - The University of B.C. has unlawfully issued more than $4 million worth of parking tickets since 1990 and will have to pay back the fines to thousands of people, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled.

  [A href=""][FONT size=1][/FONT][/A]

“Canadacare may have killed Natasha,” screamed a headline in the New York Post. “Was Canada’s healthcare the problem?”asked another in the Chicago Tribune.

    This is really pissing me off.  It twists the emotions that we feel for this tragic and bizarre loss of life, by making it into something that it isn't.  What should have been done is crystal clear AFTER the fact.....but there was no negligence here.    Is making this claim some part of a political agenda ?  Crucial details are ignored in coming to this conclusion.  Like the fact that it was a minor spill, which is what probably made Natasha refuse the immediate medical attention that was offered.  

  I just listened to this new 'take' on things on the news, and it just makes me burn. [A href=""][FONT size=1][/FONT][/A]


Discover Seattle! / Vintage Cars
« on: Mar 22 09 03:57 »
Ok.  I suspect these may likely be classified as antiques...but I digress.

  Is there anyone out there, that can identify the year of old vehicles from only viewing them in a photograph ?

Discover Seattle! / PLEASE make up yer MIND !
« on: Mar 18 09 08:18 »
"Scientists are now questioning the health benefits of eating fish. Researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto, in conjunction with University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Centre and author Farley Mowat, teamed up to scrutinize the effect of eating fish for good health, and the impact on our fragile ecosystems. The scientists also suggest that eating fish might not benefit just everyone. Perhaps the health claims of fish oil consumption are a bit inflated."

  [A href=""][/A]

  I'm glad I'm not greatly influenced by all the health claims of these studies...whether for or I know within 6 months, they will change their minds completely.  Coffee - - good.  Red wine - bad...Red wine - good.  Chocolate - bad....chocolate good.  Too much this....not enough, wait...too much that, not enough this.  Who can keep up.

  Scientists have yet to hear the wisdom in the old adage.....Everything in moderation.  

Discover Seattle! / Good Restaurants
« on: Mar 12 09 08:49 »
What are some good restaurants within walking distance from the Pan Pacific ?  Any ideas ?

Discover Seattle! / Chris Brown on Nickelodeon
« on: Mar 10 09 06:43 »
The 22nd Annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards ceremony is set to take place in Los Angeles on March 28.  

  Despite an onslaught of criticism, the tween-friendly cable network says it has no plans to remove the embattled R&B singer as a contender for the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards....

  [A href=""][/A]

  Bad idea or OK ?

Discover Seattle! / Peppered by Border Guard
« on: Mar 06 09 09:45 »
 A British Columbian man has learned the hard way that you don't ask a U.S. border guard to be polite when he asks you to turn off your vehicle's engine.

 Desiderio Fortunato, of Coquitlam, B.C., asked the guard to say "please" and instead received a face full of pepper spray.

 [A href=""][/A]


 Thoughts ?

Discover Seattle! / What Phone Service ?
« on: Mar 05 09 03:33 »
What phone service is everybody using ?  Shaw or Telus.

  We are with Telus, but just received an offer to switch to Shaw, which is substantially lower than what we are getting with Telus.  So I called Telus, and they have offered to 'waive' some of the charges that I wasn't happy with. ($4.95 long distance administration fee and $8.95 for call display).

They said they would do this as I have been a 'loyal' Telus user for many years. (ya)

  My question is, if they had this 'package bundle' available...why wouldn't it have just been offered to such a 'loyal Telus user' ?  It is offered to NEW Telus users, but the 'loyal' ones get to keep the old higher rates ?  

Discover Seattle! / Is it too early for...
« on: Mar 05 09 11:45 »
Pollen ?

  My hot tub and deck and the roof are covered with a layer of super fine dust.  I thought at first it might be ash...but it's too evenly fine.

  Add:  It only came about the day before yesterday.

Discover Seattle! / Dziekanski Trial
« on: Mar 04 09 06:27 »
I've tried to not get wrapped up in this, but it seems to be becoming more infuriating each day.

  I don't understand how the RCMP think these 4 men are worth protecting, at the expense of a huge loss of respect, faith, and trust,  from a HUGE percentage of the population.  I just want to them stand up and say....YES, this situation was mishandled.

  Then, the four men can sue the RCMP for wrongful dismissal if they feel they have a case.  That way, the RCMP maintains their integrity, and the four officers will still get their day in court.  As it stands now, not only are many people appalled by the stories that fly in the face of video evidence, now there is talk of the Polish government suing the RCMP.  

Discover Seattle! / Need a feel good moment ?
« on: Mar 02 09 06:52 »
No Michel....not that.

  Take a few moments to look at this commercial.  It's SO beautiful.  *choke...sniffle*

  [A href=""][/A]

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