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Discover Seattle! / Old News
« on: Sep 10 09 07:10 »
I realize this is last years story, but I missed it.

Is there absolutely anyone who thinks this contractor has ANY claim what-so-ever to this money ?  This is the most bizarre thing.  Since when did it occur to someone, that if they find something in someone elses house, that they are entitled to keep it ???

    [SPAN id=intelliTXT itxtvisited="1"]   [P itxtvisited="1"][STRONG itxtvisited="1"]CLEVELAND —  A contractor who found $182,000 in Depression-era currency hidden in a bathroom wall has ended up with only a few thousand dollars, but he feels some vindication.[/b]

 [P itxtvisited="1"]The windfall discovery amounted to little more than grief for contractor [FONT color=#0000ff]Bob Kitts, who couldn't agree on how to split the money with homeowner Amanda Reece[/FONT].

 [P itxtvisited="1"]It didn't help Reece much, either. She testified in a deposition that she was considering bankruptcy and that a bank recently foreclosed on one of her properties.

 [P itxtvisited="1"]And 21 descendants of Patrick Dunne — the wealthy businessman who stashed the money that was minted in a time of bank collapses and joblessness — will each get a mere fraction of the find.

 [P itxtvisited="1"][A href=",2933,449114,00.html"],2933,449114,00.html[/A]


Discover Seattle! / Blogging
« on: Aug 31 09 05:19 »
I'm looking for some information on blogging from anyone with experience.  

Things like:
How computer savvy do you have to be ?  Can anyone with basic computer skills do it ?

How much time do you need to invest to begin a successful blog and how much time do you need to invest daily ?

How much pre-prep time is required before you get started...gathering photos etc. ?

Can you or do you make money blogging ?

Discover Seattle! / Van Guy - Expert advice ?
« on: Aug 30 09 09:24 »
 Van Guy....I don't know if this is an area you are knowledgeable about or not...but you were the first person I could think of that might be.

Mushrooms.  Edible mushrooms.  

I'm asking, because we have these SUPER aggressive mushrooms that pop up overnight here.  Some are HUGE....and if they were in fact edible, I would love to dry them to use through the winter, because they are so abundant.  

I'm pretty freaked about identifying mushrooms from a pic, as some that are edible are extremely similar to one that might kill you if you even touched it.  But some people that KNOW mushrooms, might be able to identify by pics.  Let me know if this is something you could do, then I'll post a snapshot.


Discover Seattle! / Problem ?
« on: Aug 27 09 07:56 »
Any particular reason  ?  

Discover Seattle! / Sorry about locked threads
« on: Aug 27 09 04:08 »
Trying to fix mischief makers mess.

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Discover Seattle! / Good anti-virus ?
« on: Jul 14 09 09:10 »
 Just dumped the one we were using off our computer today.  I had HUGE difficulties trying to get support for some issues with it.  They sneaked in a toolbar disguised as an up-grade, which activated on shut down.  When I tried to contact them for information on how to remove it, the battle began.  3 weeks of scouring 100's of pages of FAQ's.

The final straw this morning, was when I posted some questions about it on a forum they have.  My first post was deleted, with a scolding from the techy-mod guy for 'hijacking a thread'.  Which was in fact a thread asking the question on how to remove their damned toolbar.  So I posted again, apologizing, although I had no idea what I had done wrong.  He removed that too.  So I tried again....same.   I was actually in tears at this point.  Then I got mad.  

So...who uses what.

Discover Seattle! / Lil Me...The Camper
« on: Jun 27 09 03:48 »
Hey Lil're the first person that came to my mind, when I decided to start looking for the old 'bones' of a small camping tent.  I'm just looking for the ribs...not the outer if you know someone who is about to turt their old tent...let me know.  

Discover Seattle! / Give your head a shake !
« on: Jun 25 09 08:28 »
I can't believe that we think spending $250,000.00 to save a dead tree makes sense, while historical pieces are left to go to ruin.  The City has no plan or budget for the maintenance, repair, restoration, or long term conservation of historic monuments. [P class=t10headerBody]The Angel of Victory is part of the first wave of Canadian war memorials that followed the end of the Great War. As soldiers who died overseas were buried where they fell, memorials were erected in communities across the country as a public remembrance.

 [P class=t10headerBody]A tree is nature...when a tree dies, it's nature.  A dead tree has no historical value.  For god's sake....take a picture of it, frame it...and let it go.  

[img alt="Angel of Victory" src="" width=231 height=313]

« on: Jun 24 09 11:02 »
So I get my computer back from the wizards that fixed my nasty virus....but nothing is as it should be.  It's as if I'm running someone elses computer.  Sites that I have always visited, that are on My Favourites list, are no longer accessible.  Forbidden.  I tried accessing them by typing in the addresses, but to no avail.

  Even here I can't post a smilie from the drop down.  WTF !!!!!!!! :(

  It's times like these that I wish I knew so much more about computers.

Discover Seattle! / Amazing Discovery
« on: Jun 04 09 10:26 »'s a bit of a 'come-on'....and it may not be amazing.  It might not even be worthy of it's own thread...BUT...

  This is my amazing discovery.

  I had this really nice pale gray and cream striped sweat-shirt (sort of) that I bought....and paid way too much money for....but I really really liked it.  After one wearing and one washing...I noticed there were 2 dime size spots on the cream part that absolutely would not come out after trying everything. (I'm thinking it may have been coffee)

  I was debating whether I should add this shirt to my 'work clothes' pile....which is bigger than all my other piles....when I decided to try toothpaste on it.  It's 'whitening' toothpaste...that supposedly fights the affects of coffee, red wine etc. worked !!!!  I just put a dab on my finger...rubbed it in gently for about 5 seconds.  GONE !    

Discover Seattle! / Phobias
« on: Jun 01 09 12:17 »
I know there's a thread on here somewhere about phobias...but I'm too lazy to look for it.

  Plus...this one is a bit different.  I'm curious about a few things.

    How do you think phobias develop ?  Do you think you would notice that you were developing one ?  Can you do anything to stop it ?  [img height=20 src="" width=20 border=0]

Discover Seattle! / Moving House
« on: May 22 09 06:51 »
What ON EARTH were they thinking.  This is so insane.  They would have to drag me kicking and screaming to pull this one off.

  [FONT face=Tahoma size=4]After 117 years, a Vancouver house is forced to move eight inches[/FONT]

  [img class=thumbnail id=story_photo style="WIDTH: 203px; HEIGHT: 140px" height=240 alt="This tiny cottage on East Georgia near Jackson, which probably dates to 1892, was found by city officials discovered to be eight inches over the property line to the east. The city made homeowners Amos Hertzman and Caitlin Pencarrick pick it up and move it back on their lot." src="" width=419 border=0]     [img class=thumbnail id=story_photo style="WIDTH: 196px; HEIGHT: 141px" height=224 alt="One-month-old Posey takes a nap in her mom, Caitlin Pencarrick's arms as two-year-old Bennett and dad, Amos Hertzman, vist their home which is still under renovation. The tiny cottage on East Georgia near Jackson, which probably dates to 1892, was found by city officials discovered to be eight inches over the property line to the east. The city made homeowners Hertzman and Pencarrick pick it up and move it back on their lot." src="" width=399 border=0]

   VANCOUVER -- Strathcona is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, with many houses dating to the 1880s and 1890s.

 Houses from this era tend to be “non-conforming.” In city-speak, this means buildings that don’t conform to modern zoning, or code. Often the city relaxes modern regulations for homeowners, but every once in awhile, renovating an old house causes them fits.

 This is the case with a tiny cottage on East Georgia near Jackson. In the course of restoring the house, which probably dates to 1892, city officials discovered it was eight inches over the property line to the east.

 The city placed a stop-work order on the renos, and made homeowners Amos Hertzman and Caitlin Pencarrick pick it up and move it back on their lot. The cost was about $6,000, but the inconvenience was just as costly — the couple recently had a baby, and the delay means they won’t be able to move back into their house for a few months.

 [A href=""][FONT size=2][/FONT][/A]

Discover Seattle! / Just for Amusement.
« on: May 20 09 06:29 »
[SPAN class=article_headline]THE FLIP SIDE: I use restraint to deter avalanche of copycats[/SPAN]
 [TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0] [TBODY] [TR] [TD vAlign=top width="50%"][SPAN class=article_credit]Ian Gillespie
London Free Press [/SPAN]
 [/TD] [TD vAlign=top align=right width="50%"][SPAN class=article_detail]April 11, 2009[/SPAN]  [/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE] [SPAN class=article_lead]Right away, I think it's prudent to state that I (and not just I, but also me and myself) do not recommend, condone, approve or sanction anything that might cause an avalanche.  [/SPAN] [TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width=100 align=right border=0] [TBODY] [TR] [TD align=right][!-- IMAGE: gillespie_ian.jpg --][img height=156 alt="" src="" width=100 border=0] [BR clear=all][SPAN class=article_caption]Ian Gillespie[/SPAN]

[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE][SPAN class=article_body]I am, in fact, fundamentally opposed to avalanches.

Indeed, if you're circulating a petition that seeks to ban avalanches, I'll sign it. (And unlike most petitions thrust under my nose, I'll sign my real name and not some made-up name like Harry Rump, Matt Tress, Neil Downe or Sheila Blige.)

I state this because earlier this week, news outlets across the country were showing the video of a snowmobiler setting off an avalanche in B.C.

For those of you who haven't seen it, I'll describe the video: A little black dot (the alleged idiot) moves across a big area of white, then the camera goes all jittery, the black dot disappears and a bunch of white stuff (the alleged avalanche) starts sliding downward very, very fast.

(Note: Although the video sounds sensational, it isn't. Unfortunately, the camera was too far away to show the face of the alleged idiot just as he realizes that (a) he has set off an avalanche, (b) he probably needn't worry anymore about his investments and (c) it's a good thing he's wearing dark brown pants.)

Many of the media outlets that distributed this video said officials were worried it might prompt other idiots to do the same thing.

In a word, they were afraid of copycats.

I completely understand, because not a day goes by when I don't (a) think about starting an avalanche or (b) pause and ponder the potential negative consequences of something I'm writing.

For example, let's say I offhandedly mention in a column that I brush my teeth with a side-to-side motion -- and not the recommended up-and-down stroke.

The next thing you know, thousands of heretofore responsible Canadians start brushing sideways. Then in five years, teeth start falling out and we have a national crisis bigger than Don Cherry's collar.

This is precisely why journalists have to be careful about encouraging copycats.

Just last week, for instance, I wanted to write a column about an eccentric local man who trims his toenails by discharging a hunting rifle at them.

This story had everything: A likeable character, an interesting angle, a handsome set of cuticles and a loud, potentially dangerous weapon.

But I didn't write it. Why? Because believe it or not, some copycat out there would've thought: "That's a good idea. Where's my shotgun?" And the next thing you know, some fool is standing (or maybe leaning) in the front lobby, loudly demanding that I reimburse him for the loss of his polka-dancing career.

And in today's litigious climate, it wouldn't matter that he'd carelessly overlooked the common-sense warnings in my column, including (a) don't try this unless you're a fairly decent shot, and (b) use a small-calibre rifle, not a shotgun.

But that's the problem with copycats: They don't listen to the experts and then they ruin it for everyone else.[/SPAN]

Discover Seattle! / 49er
« on: May 11 09 08:37 »
Hey 49er.  I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where one would take a concept for an 'invention' of a woodworking tool.

Discover Seattle! / Safe Journey Russ
« on: May 06 09 05:56 »
Hope your trip is speedy and safe Russ.    [img style="CURSOR: pointer" onclick=url(this.src); src="" border=0]

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