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Discover Seattle! / If this doesn't break your heart
« on: Nov 05 11 02:52 »
you need a new one. 

Discover Seattle! / RUSS !
« on: Feb 24 10 08:49 »
[FONT size=6]Are you ok ?[/FONT]

  I thought you were near to heading home, and no word since. [img border=0 src=""]

Discover Seattle! / 3 Wishes
« on: Feb 24 10 08:46 »
What would they be ?

Discover Seattle! / Love Stinks
« on: Feb 20 10 05:56 »
ALBERT LEA, Minn. (AP) — Nothing says “I love you” like a half-mile wide heart made out of manure. [/p] A southern Minnesota man created the Valentine’s Day gift for his wife of 37 years in their farm field about 12 miles southwest of Albert Lea (LEE). [/p] Bruce Andersland told the Alberta Lea Tribune that he started the project with his tractor and manure spreader Wednesday and finished Thursday. [/p] His wife, Beth, says it’s the biggest and most original Valentine she has ever received. She says some people might think it’s gross, but she says it’s cute and “Why not do something fun with what you got?” [/p] She says the heart would be darker except for the recent heavy snowfall that mixed with the manure. [/p]  

As a non-gung-ho Olympic supporter....I thought it was pretty well done. (except for the murder of our anthem)

What did you think ?

Discover Seattle! / I Protest
« on: Jan 14 10 07:49 »
 This is insanity.

$651 for Hydro.  What the hell ?  Almost $200 dollars more than the same 2 month period last year.  This is crazy.  All appliances (except washer/dryer) are fancy schmancy 'Smart'...fancy schmancy light bulbs, cut back on this, cut back on hot tub running, mostly wood heating.  What more can a person do ?  

Discover Seattle! / A Happy New Year to All
« on: Jan 01 10 03:44 »
Here's to the best in 2010.  To everyone being the best they can be and to finding new ways to appreciate what we have.

Here's to good health, good friends and for good wishes to come true for all.  

Discover Seattle! / Happy Birthday Miss Kitten....
« on: Dec 19 09 11:34 »
....wherever you are.  Sending huge Birthday wishes and hugs.

[span style="font-weight: bold; font-family: Comic Sans MS;"]I MISS YOU ![/span]

Discover Seattle! / Pretty Christmas trees
« on: Dec 17 09 08:16 »
I'll post what this homemade tree is made out of tomorrow, if you haven't figured it out by then.


Discover Seattle! / Is it just me ?
« on: Nov 15 09 08:47 »
.....or is everybody else displaying GIANT avatars that require a scroll bar.  

Discover Seattle! / Technical
« on: Nov 14 09 10:04 »
God I hate being such a noob about this stuff....but it's SO complicated.  

OK....I bought a DVD/Karaoke player (for a gift) after learning that I needed a DVD player that supported discs in the CD+G format.  I understand that the +G means plus graphics.  Right.  So then I bought a boxed set of Karaoke discs....which only come in the CD+G format.

SO the small print in the DVD/Karaoke Player owners manual, it says that it will play audio scrolling lyrics on the TV.    Call me crazy, but doesn't that just make it just a regular ol CD Player ?  I mean...if it says it supports the CD+G format....[font style="font-weight: bold;" size="5"]then where's the G[/font] ?????

Does anybody know what I need to make this work.

Discover Seattle! / If I hear the word torch....
« on: Oct 30 09 08:26 »
Even if I wasn't sick of the Olympic hype before...the last day or two would have put me over the top.  38 minutes through the start of last night's news was about that blasted GD torch.  

Discover Seattle! / 49er advice please
« on: Oct 11 09 07:57 »
Hey 49er.

We're now in the process of putting in a pre-hung door.  We have read dozens and dozens of 'how to' instructions, and ALL of them say you must use shims to assure the jamb is plumb.  But not one of them says anything about not having to use them if the frame is already perfectly plumb.  Is there another reason shims must be used  ?  Help.  

Discover Seattle! / Coincidence ? I think not
« on: Sep 28 09 05:20 »
 This probably belongs in the 'I have nothing interesting to say' thread, but I'm starting a new thread, just because.

Yesterday morning just before I got out of bed, I was thinking about what I needed to do for the day...which was to do some winter prep in the garden (and work on the greenhouse too).  But instead my thoughts got side-tracked wondering what happened to my hydrangea.  I used to have a HUGE hydrangea, but couldn't remember when or where or why it disappeared.  Anyways....sadly I don't have it anymore. the afternoon, a van pulled up the drive and the young guy that is staying with the people next door says....I don't know if you want this, but I was doing some landscaping (at some place) and I wondered if maybe you could use this.  It was a nice big hydrangea bush.

Coincidence ?  I think not.


Discover Seattle! / Could you do this ???
« on: Sep 27 09 06:56 »
  A woman was implanted with the wrong embryo....but is taking the pregnancy to term, and with then give the baby to the real parents.  This is one of the most selfless acts ever.  The actual parents of the 'baby embryo' couldn't have hoped for better people to be involved in this huge error.

*I don't know why I'm having troubles posting a proper link.

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