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Discover Seattle! / So, whats new?
« on: May 13 07 08:50 »
Anything groundbreaking going on over here at DS?  

Discover Seattle! / Website and etc. help!
« on: Apr 21 07 05:36 »
Ok, so my husband and i want our own site; he wants to sell his music and i want to sell my art. SO, we want to design our own site...but we need e-commerce abilities too...also, who has good, inexpensive web hosting? I am wading through info. but havent gotten any closer to any answers or decisions. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to go about this and where to go? Thanks in advance!  

Discover Seattle! / Who has been smiting me and why?
« on: Mar 11 07 08:39 »
What is up with that?  

Discover Seattle! / What is your DV alias?
« on: Dec 12 06 05:51 »
Seems a lot of you not only hang out here, but also hang out on the dark side, what name(s) do you all use?

Discover Seattle! / Cooking ideas?
« on: Oct 26 06 02:28 »
Does anyone have some really easy but nutritious recipes for suppers? My husband and i work dumb hours and dont get around to shopping as much as we should, we eat stupid things for supper and i really want to make better meals! I need the ideas to be fairly easy, few ingredients, but healthy...any ideas welcomed!


Discover Seattle! / Turning Point in Life
« on: Oct 05 06 12:57 »

Wow, that is some crazy crap! They are now saying on CNN that the plan was to down at least 10 jets heading to the States...creepy.

Discover Seattle! / I need a job!
« on: Aug 02 06 01:37 »
I moved to vancouver in February and have had a couple jobs that just didnt work out; the co. ran out of work for a full time person, i got in a car accident, etc. etc. I REALLY need some work, I have admin. skills (in the arts as well, as in, arts admin. training), graphic design, photography...anyone know of any openings, anywhere? I have been getting interviews but nothing has panned out so far, the bills are piling up! Ack.

Discover Seattle! / Vans Warped Tour
« on: Jul 17 06 08:39 »
Anyone going? And does anyone know where to park near Thunderbird Stadium? Is it expensive too?

Discover Seattle! / Any writers on here?
« on: Jun 27 06 03:45 »
I have an idea for a graphic novel of sorts but have a lot of ideas and no cohesiveness. How does one start and how does one structure such an endeavour? Or should i just start doing pages (each one could be a self contained statement of sorts) and let the chips fall where they may? I am afraid if i intellectualize this process too much i may never start!

Discover Seattle! / DV is a cesspool as usual today
« on: Jun 27 06 12:42 »
There are no mods in sight, EED is running loose like a salivating psychotic banshee named osopimpin, spewing his women hating vitriol all over the board. There is someone posting porn links in every thread. Its like a frickin madhouse over there. The advertisers on that board should be notified, i cant believe they pay money to be associated with that hole.  >:(

Discover Seattle! / Money or Job Growth?
« on: Mar 16 06 12:33 »
I have a perfectly good, decent paying job but it is kinda boring. I was offered a more interesting job (possibly growth potential) but it pays quite a bit less....what to do? What would you do? I have been back and forth on this for days now and still....cant decide!!! Help!

Discover Seattle! / Am I in BIG trouble?
« on: Mar 05 06 12:15 »
I just moved here from Alberta and have not changed my insurance to ICBC i was rear ended in an accident. SO, now that i need new insurance here, i suppose my rate is going to go through the roof because of some ASS hitting me from behind...anyone have any real advice? I have been driving for over 20 years, no accidents...until the first month i move to BC of course. OF COURSE! I am so choked.  :'(

Discover Seattle! / Anyone on here from Seattle?
« on: Feb 13 06 06:51 »
I would like to take a day trip down to Seattle and am just wondering where some cool places to check out might be - good restaurants, pubs. I am into galleries and vintage shops etc. Where would one go? What would one do? Some area that is kind of central so i dont have to drive all over the place.

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crazy games riddles and jokes funny pictures death psychic! mad trivia funny & odd! pregnancy test shape test win custody recipes