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Title: Why People Hate Washington
Post by: TehBorken on Nov 27 11 08:31
Why do people hate Washington and politicians? Here's a perfect example of why...

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in August that he and a partner had "settled" the lawsuit brought by the Bartow County Bank for failing to repay a $2.2 million loan they had taken out in 2007. Graves has been a strong advocate for "governmental fiscal austerity" and voted against raising the federal debt-ceiling in August.

However, he had refused to repay the $2.2 million loan (even though he'd signed a personal guarantee) because, he said, the bank should have known when it made the loan that Graves would be unable to pay it back.

[From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8-11-2011]