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Ugh. I really don't like Miracle Whip. It's like getting carob when you were expecting chocolate.  

Discover Seattle! / Re: What did you collected.....
« on: Dec 14 06 08:03 »
I'm an incurable pack rat and nerd at heart, so I start "collecting" things pretty easily. Last summer Mrs FC found, at a yard sale, an old timers' foreign stamp collection all meticulously organized, priced etc. We now use them to great effect in collages. She also found me a Canadian coin collection - something I never thought too much about before, but now I have a cool collection.
And books. I am loathe to get rid of a decent book.
And don't even get me started on Warhammer figures. yeesh.
Next, Mrs FC and I have decided we want to start being art collectors. We've seen plenty of stuff around town from young artists for under a hundred bucks. So why not start slowly building a collection (y'know, with all that spare money I have lying around)

Um, I'm hesitant to tell this joke, for fear I might offend (not intended). But this is an answer to Lise's (very funny btw) joke: ALSO R RATED:

Q: What do you call that useless fleshy part that surrounds the vagina?
A: A woman

Yes, very scary. It brings me back to my punk/metal high school days when the only qualification for good music was hard, fast, and angry. Like I said, I don't generally listen to stuff that intense any more.
But why aren't there more women heavy metal singers? I love Amy Lee's voice. A great singing voice is a good foil to the chunka-chunka crunch of metal guitar.

And my favorite song: "Butterfly" by Talvin Singh
Favorite band would be pretty hard to narrow down (plus I go through phases a lot). It would probably be The Streets right now. He's the only one I have every-single-song-I-can-find of his.

Discover Seattle! / Re: What did you collect.....
« on: Dec 13 06 09:39 »
I used to collect baseball cards. Then Star Wars cards. That set me up perfectly for the cardboard crack known as Magic: Teh Gathering. I kind of went on a bender on them things for a while.  

Lise, if ye like hard rockin' women, have you seen/heard Otep? I like metal but this is stronger stuff than I usually listen to, but this gal is hard as dragon scales and I love her!(but she is kinda scary) And this video:
[a href=""][/a]
is way cool. Heavily political.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Let's try a little......
« on: Dec 07 06 08:19 »

My son found an injured crow at school and wanted to nurse it back to health, so we called the local Adubon Society to see what to do. Come to find out that crows are a protected species (!?) and we weren't allowed to mess with it. So we brought it in to them, they healed it, and they let FCjr let it go back at his school. He became The Bird Hero and is now the resident injured bird expert among his classmates.

A friend of mine happened upon a dead baby crow in his yard and duly disposed of it. Well the crow family didn't like that and began a dive bombing campaign against him that went on for months!


Discover Seattle! / Re: Let's try a little......
« on: Dec 07 06 08:06 »

Discover Seattle! / Re: What's going on?
« on: Dec 07 06 08:03 »
Somethin' funky with fertilizer, I'm guessin'. I wouldn't be suprised if it really came down to some farming corporation trying to squeeze some extra profit by cutting corners in the washing/cleaning process.
I just ordered a bag of green onions at work. I'm sure they'll go bad before they get used up. Folks are still just warming up to spinach again, but it's moving real slow - I've got a lonesome back-up bag of it in the cooler that'll be going off soon, no one's ordering it.

Discover Seattle! / Bullfight Madness!
« on: Nov 29 06 08:47 »
This is completely nuts. You couldn't pay me enough to be the first guy in that line. Or the guy grabbing it's tail.
[a href=""][/a]

How about a trade? The United Snakes can annex Alberta and Canada can have Washington and Oregon.  

Discover Seattle! / Re: Don't forget to.....
« on: Nov 29 06 05:57 »
Got that suet feeder rockin' for the bushtits.
I've heard that if one has a hummingbird feeder to keep it stocked too. When the lil' fellers are making their way back up from migration they'll be counting on your feeder and are often on their last legs (wings?) and are desperately in need of energy.

 Do I think he should be executed? I think all drugs should be legalized, so of course not. That being said, doing that kind of nonsense in Singapore is utterly stupid.
"Disneyland with the death sentence" is how it was described once. Complaining about justice in Singapore is like complaining about too many Mormons in Utah.
Remember that American a decade-or-so ago who got a caning for graffitti? (and not the fun knid of caning either-I bet he didn't have a safe word)

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