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All righty then!  I'm now officially registered.  Is there some sort of initiation now?  [img style="font-style: italic;" src="[/img]

 Time to send ya some Karma!

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Feb 12 06 08:40 »
That's the beauty of the Island.....everything is within driving distance. [a href=""]
[/a]Man, that brings back some memories. I used to go to Victoria frequently in the 80's and 90's to do some work at a few places. Know where the Forestry Research Center is on Burnside? I installed their electron microscope back in the 80's. And I did the hospital's TEM as well. Can't remeber the name of the place though.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Been To Seatttle?
« on: Feb 12 06 08:33 »
Yikes. My score would seem to indicate that I don't live in Seattle and have never heard of it before.

Discover Seattle! / Re: cool board
« on: Feb 12 06 08:32 »
It means Mommy didn't hug him enough.

He's just sad because he lost his Eminem lunch box.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Star Wars Valentine
« on: Feb 12 06 08:31 »
Yeah, and she's just wearing latex 'cause it's comfy.
Lol, yeah, that's it.

I know erotic imagery when I see it, and that one just kind of creeps me out (although I do find the nipples rather faskinatin').

Damn, I thought the exact same thing....creepy, but strangely errrr attractive.....

Discover Seattle! / Re: Cool case mod
« on: Feb 12 06 08:29 »
That does look cool, but what's with the handle? Cosmetic only, I'm figuring.

I've always wanted to do a really cool case mod but I've never been able to come up with anything that I liked enough to actually start cutting and chopping and stuff.

Still post on DV - definitely more over there than here. [div style="font-style: italic;"]I like this forum better, but there just isn't the "variety" you can find on DV.  Everyone here seems to have families and posts during their lunch break or after work. [/div]
Glad to have ya here, Mark. Help us spice the place up a bit!

Discover Seattle! / Re: Read any good books?
« on: Feb 12 06 08:25 »
[span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;"]Interesting.....I'm not comparing the two, but would a Tom Clancy fan 'enjoy' this book ???

[/span]If it's like most military theory/doctrine tomes, it'll be a real sleep-inducer. [span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;"]

Discover Seattle! / Re: Muslims Are INSANE
« on: Feb 12 06 08:24 »
My two cents. I just wish ppl live in peace.

My sentiments exactly. I wish everyone would learn to mind their own business and practice a little tolerance. Or a lot of tolerance, hopefully.

Sigh... this world is gonna go down the toilet if we don't start learning how to live with one another.

I think we may be too late already. Things are in a pretty precarious state right now, and I don't see any good stuff on the horizon, so to speak.  This country is in a dire state and currently headed for the toilet at warp speed.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Read any good books?
« on: Feb 11 06 11:46 »
I also just finished a book titled Jennider Government which is extremely funny and well worth the read.

Big Business has taken over and employees take the name of their company as their last name (i.e. John Nike, Ted PepsiCo, etc). It wickedly satirical and well-written. The government has been totally privatized and "The Police" only invesitigate a crime if they can get funding (although they're available to do contract killings at low, low, discount prices!). If you quit your job and your replacement isn't competent, the company sues you for lost profits.

Lots of fun to read.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Read any good books?
« on: Feb 11 06 11:39 »
I just finished reading What Liberal Media? by Eric Alterman, and I recommend it as an eye-opening look into one of America's most pervasive myths. In short, the whole notion that media in America is "liberal" or even "left-leaning" is utter crap, and I couldn't agree more. It makes for a great sound-bite but it simply isn't true.

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Feb 10 06 04:08 »
How about a shirt instead?  My face crinkles when I hear the word "tattoo."  That's gotta hurt!

I would imagine. :)

No, no tattoos for me, but a shirt with that on it sounds good.

LOL. Somehow I thought DS would be...younger?

Trust me, she would be. A lot younger. She might not even have a driver's license.

Discover Seattle! / Re: I applaud the Admin
« on: Feb 10 06 03:52 »
"great in bed, kind to animals,"

Just so there's no confusion, those last two DON'T go together.....I'm kind to animals, but not that kind.

Discover Seattle! / Re: So... Whats for lunch?
« on: Feb 10 06 03:47 »
You're going to make a tattoo with that quote or get it tattooed on your body?

The latter, if I can find a large enough section of skin....I'd also like to have that engraved on my tombstone, assuming I live long enough to have one.  

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