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Author Topic: Read any good books?  (Read 15780 times)


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Re: Read any good books?
« Reply #105 on: Dec 05 06 03:47 »
LOL RUSS!  Like your chicken said "Yaaarrrrgggghhhh!"


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Re: Read any good books?
« Reply #106 on: Dec 05 06 05:56 »
I'm in the middle of reading How Israel Lost: The Four Questions, by Richard Ben Cramer.

If you have even a faint interest in what's going on in the Middle East I urge you to pick this book up. It provides a vivid and sometimes frightening insight into modern (and historic) Israel and the occupied territories. The writer is a funny guy, and manages to point out the ironies and black humor inherent in the region without being disrespectful. Before reading this book I saw Israel and her people as a monolith. Now I can start to appreciate the mind-blowing and energetic diversity crammed into such a tiny nation. More importantly, it helped me to get a handle on Israeli attitudes and policy, which often seem so reactionary and closed-minded.
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Re: Read any good books?
« Reply #107 on: Apr 05 08 08:01 »
never mind it does belong here too my brain is in need of sugar or sleep

 Lise wrote:
Yep, Russ. He's a fantasy writer and my husband swears by him. Has his whole series. Still going strong too.
Here's a summary of the works. You can read more at Wikipedia.
  [h3][span class="mw-headline"][a title="The Wheel of Time" href=""]The Wheel of Time[/a][/span][/h3] You can find chapter summaries for the first eleven Wheel of Time books [a class="external text" title="" href=""]here.[/a][/p] [ol][li][a title="The Eye of the World" href=""]The Eye of the World[/a] ([a title="January 15" href=""]15 January[/a] [a title="1990" href=""]1990[/a])  [/li][li][a title="The Great Hunt" href=""]The Great Hunt[/a] ([a title="November 15" href=""]15 November[/a] [a title="1990" href=""]1990[/a])  [/li][li][a title="The Dragon Reborn" href=""]The Dragon Reborn[/a] ([a title="October 15" href=""]15 October[/a] [a title="1991" href=""]1991[/a])  [/li][li][a title="The Shadow Rising" href=""]The Shadow Rising[/a] ([a title="September 15" href=""]15 September[/a] [a title="1992" href=""]1992[/a])  [/li][li][a title="The Fires of Heaven" href=""]The Fires of Heaven[/a] ([a title="October 15" href=""]15 October[/a] [a title="1993" href=""]1993[/a])  [/li][li][a title="Lord of Chaos" href=""]Lord of Chaos[/a] ([a title="October 15" href=""]15 October[/a] [a title="1994" href=""]1994[/a])  [/li][li][a title="A Crown of Swords" href=""]A Crown of Swords[/a] ([a title="May 15" href=""]15 May[/a] [a title="1996" href=""]1996[/a])  [/li][li][a title="The Path of Daggers" href=""]The Path of Daggers[/a] ([a title="October 20" href=""]20 October[/a] [a title="1998" href=""]1998[/a])  [/li][li][a title="Winter's Heart" href=""]Winter's Heart[/a] ([a title="November 9" href=""]9 November[/a] [a title="2000" href=""]2000[/a])  [/li][li][a title="Crossroads of Twilight" href=""]Crossroads of Twilight[/a] ([a title="January 7" href=""]7 January[/a] [a title="2003" href=""]2003[/a])  [/li][li][a title="Knife of Dreams" href=""]Knife of Dreams[/a] ([a title="October 11" href=""]11 October[/a] [a title="2005" href=""]2005[/a])  [/li][li][a title="A Memory of Light" href=""]A Memory of Light[/a] (working title) [/li][/ol] [a href=""][/a][/p]
Sadly the series of novels has come to a end

For those who have not heard or do not kno. Sadly Mr Jordan passed away on the 16th of September 2007 from complications of primary [a href="" title="Amyloidosis"]amyloidosis.[/a]  he was undergoing chemo therapy and other treatments at the time. ( i have not written of this before now. i was so terribly heart broken to lose my favorite author. even now, i find myself growing sad. losing his writing is like losing a best freind.) leaving the last book in the series [a title="A Memory of Light" href=""]A Memory of Light[/a]  partially written yet unfinnished.  Mr Jordan family along with the publisher have brought in Brandon Sanderson to finish the work.  so those of us who are huge fans of his collective writtings, can read the conclussion to this fantastic series of novels.

the estimated release date for A memory of light is november of 2009

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